As a top main, I have found mid lane so much more fun to play in ranked than top lane

In top lane, I either get hard counter picked, hard camped by enemy jungler, or play against a braindead meta abuser. It is so much more fun to go mid lane, where my skill actually matters, and I get rewarded for playing aggressive, and counter picks matter so much less when the distance to mid lane is so much shorter, and the meta picks for mid are so much less braindead than the ones you see top lane (klepto keenen, klepto vlad, klepto kayle, the new garen, oppressive unbeatable fiora, ranged top laners) and even though some mid picks are really hard to play against (qiyanna being broken in general) it is still a winnable lane if i play it right instead of being 1 sidedely beat down because i have no jungler pressure and the enemy abuses meta and watch my team slowly lose because i was counterpicked and could only sit under my tower the whole game.
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