If you want Riot to take you seriously about balance, stop banging your head on a keyboard in anger.

I get it, I really do. Zed is unfun to play against. Riot buffed LeBlanc for some reason. Fizz is a chuckly bottle of annoyance and makes games a living hell. Yasuo should trip on a rock and stab himself with his sword and die forever. God f*cking damn it Riven. Really. I do get it. But if you honestly want Riot to take us seriously, you have to write out actual intelligent posts. Highlight things that are overly powerful and give reasonable ways to improve it. Give ideas on how to change this or that to make someone more balanced. Be helpful. Do NOT smash your keyboard with such fury as to create a crater the size of the one left by the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs over how a Zed popped your ass under your tower for the fiftieth time in the first twenty minutes before blinking away. Do NOT threaten CertainlyT with putting him inside of a blender, turning it on high, then feeding it to rabid pigs which are then killed with flamethrowers and devoured by H.P. Lovecraft's Eldritch Horror monsters. Who are you more likely to take the opinion of seriously: A homeless man wearing a tinfoil hat screaming at pigeons about why the economy is run by reptilian aliens, or a man dressed sensibly talking at a reasonable volume about how to fix a few things in regards to unfair taxing laws on imported foods. I expect downvotes. EDIT: Well, front page. God damn it.
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