So I've always looked at the boards

I always look at the boards and I notice everytime everyone is angry and upset. Not only that it is usually JUSTIFIED. (btw league is still apart of me, thats why i check boards, though i refuse to touch the game) I have personally quit league roughly 4 months ago because it caused anger issues n' such in me. If this game does nothing but frustrate you, then simply quit playing. I'm not telling you to quit complaining, im telling you to quit hurting yourself. Mentally hurting yourself is just as bad is physically doing it. Before I quit I did absolutely nothing. All I did was hit Diamond on my main account and felt satisfied, but it led to nothing. After quitting I began drawing and I'm finally starting to get a grasp on it. TL:DR League make you mad, then quit it. Save yourself, no one else will.
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