The road from Gold I to Plat V

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Hello all, I have recently failed my 4th series attempt to go from Gold I to Plat V, with 2 losses / 2 wins / 1 loss and now the ladder placed me at 90LP, again. 1st Series: Won 2 Games, then lost 3 - restart @ 90LP 2nd Series: Lost 3 Games - restart @ 50LP 3rd Series: Lost 2 Games, won 1, then Lost - restart @ 67LP 4th Series: Lost 2 Games, won 2, then Lost - restart @ 90LP I am a **Support Main **/ **Secondary Top** yoloQ guy, and seldom do I queue with friends (I do from time to time). I had no one to blame but myself, and I have reflected upon some of the reasons why I have lost: 1. Not large enough champion pools for my roles. 2. I often pick passive champions and thus my playstyle often contrasts with the aggressive champions that I play 3. My understanding of current meta, group compositions, and popular bans/picks can be improved. 4. Limited to only 2 roles that I queue on (I only q'd as jungler a couple of times, but the majority is Support/Top) 5. Not utilizing Zz'rot portals in my builds 6. Failing at the mechanics of my champions can prove fatal at times The provided link shows most of my ranked stats and recent ranked matches. Note that I hardly rage or BM teammates, and I do try to keep a calm manner at times. It had yielded many positive outcomes, but those weren't enough to place me at plat V. I do get salty from time to time, and I realize that could be the reason why few of these matches were lost. **I'm hoping to ask everyone here who has made the journey from Gold I to Plat V for some advice and suggestions:** * What roles/champions do you play, and which characters do you ban (or ask to ban) at this particular tier? * Which playstyle do you prefer: passive and farm, aggressive and ignite, splitpush and Zz'Rot, or other? * How many series did it take and how hard was it? * Sometimes D/Cs, Trolls, Feeders, Ragers, and etc. are unavoidable. Do you /ff @20 or fight on until the nexus explodes? * Judging from what you read of my discussion, can you tell me what it is I am missing or what I can further improve on? * I have seen a few, but certain, of my friends who made it from Gold I to Plat V as support mains. If you are a support main like myself, what did you do to succeed? I hope this isn't asking too much, but I am almost at my wit's end here. It can't hurt asking for some advice. If you'd like me to clarify on something, let me know. Warm regards, Harmless Care Bear
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