Stealth and Developers

Why is considered toxic and unhealthy to come out of stealth once and attack (Old Eve, Rengar, Shaco) but perfectly healthy for champions to do it multiple times per fight? (Vayne/Akali/Kha'zix) At least with the first category, once they are out they are out. They lose all the perks of stealth, and since their kits rely on stealth, they become naked. Meanwhile we have Vayne, who virtually has the ability to toggle her stealth on and off as she sees fit. Get jumped? Cool, quick mash of RQ and I'm untargetable to any Non AOE. Gained some space? Boom, big damages cause IE/Statikk so healthy, and while I am at it let me heal back all the damage you just dealt. Assailant caught up to me cause I can't kite? Back in to the safety of stealth. Gained more space? Back out to attack and heal up any extra damage. There's no downside. Every other stealth type has to pick their time wisely because once it is down, there is no retreat. All or nothing. But nope, Vayne stealth style is super healthy. At least Akali is restricted to her dome, you know roughly where she is going to be in it. Vayne can just walk around wherever the fuck she pleases, charging up her shiv or fleeing. You can't tell until she comes back out, ready to rape you with another 1k auto. Imagine if they changed Shaco Q to a 2 second cooldown. Imagine the outcry. Vayne is exactly the fucking same.
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