As a very positive person.

Normally I don't mind change, but this "orange essence" thing feels real bad Riot. As a person who has gotten every possible chest and key since they were released, THANK YOU for the free stuff. As time went by, some skins I would upgrade, some I would DE, and then SOME I would just sit on. (12 skins at the time of value crash) Not sure weather to DE or upgrade, because maybe I start playing that champ more, and decide upgrade, or maybe a skin I REALLY want appears, so I decide to DE. 2 examples are Aether Wing Kayle, and Battlecast Alpha Skarner. If I had known they would tank in value, I likely would have DE them both! I can still DE them, but for shit value..... Come on Riot, that just feels terrible for me. Even worse, now that OE is WAY harder to get, I REALLY REALLY wish I had DE them......... {{sticker:sg-janna}}
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