Riot Poised to Remove Positional Ranked

Relevant link: I think Riot deserves credit where it's due here. They made the correct choice and properly listened to criticism from the community. For this, I give them nothing but praise for it. They had a vision for ranked with positional ranks and it didn't work out, and they didn't decide to just pummel through it and stamp out the criticism. Well done, Rito. For clarification, here a few problems that constantly plagued the ranked system with positional ranks that I had: - I get punished for being adept at all roles: Now that there's positional queues, any game that isn't dedicated to a main role feels like a waste of time - That's literally it. Getting autofilled while you're in promos for one role sucks, playing an off role just doubles the amount of games you have to play, a third role triples it, and so on. It just generally increases grindiness. As an player that often fills, I didn't like positional ranks from the start. I wanted to have a mastery of all the roles so that I can comfortably switch with anyone that got autofilled. I stopped doing that when positional ranks came out because it felt bad to do so. One of my favorites champs is Kled but I stopped playing him entirely to focus on Jungle, ADC, and that just felt bad. Either way, I'm glad Riot made the decision if I'm going to criticize what I think is a suboptimal decision, I should also praise them for the optimal ones.
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