Please just fire your live team already

This game is just such shit at this point. All we ever fucking get from them is "we will observe it" acting they can't fucking see it 1 game in. There is so much fucking wrong with everything, from the power creep to the complete lack of any good counter for CC. Idk even know where to begin so I'll just make a list. 1) The power spikes and the lack thereof of champions falling off at any fucking point like they are fucking supposed too is retarded. These runes have made it so no one ever falls off. If they are strong at level 1, they are destroying you all game. If they are late game champions they never catch the fuck up. 2) Ranged adc need to be gutted fucking immediately without fucking being buffed right the fuck back up the next pack. No one wants to wait for mid season for that to happen. 3) The jungler still just fucking ganks. Never fucking farms, yet somehow his cs is always higher than even the adc. 4) What the hell are you supposed to do when alister knocks you up, then malphite comes in with his ult, don't forget vaynes fucking condemn. This game is so damn full of cc and constant cc with such a lack of cooldown that any who plays melee can't fucking do anything anymore. Oh look i have merc treads, which do fucking nothing. I have merc scimitar, I use it, but get stunned the fuck again with my scimitar being on a 3 minute cooldown. Yay. 5) To many low skill low risk champion are getting major rewards. 6) Will they ever fucking fix broken hitboxes? who fucking knows. Why does lux get a kill even if you are not in her ult? Because clearly she needs to have it easier. 7) Assassins sure as fuck don't need to be able to 1 hit. No they fucking don't, don't even fucking kid yourselves. Most of their kits now 1 hit you, and if by some miracle you live they just get out. Climbing over a wall, going through walls, disappearing, etc. I can understand them escaping none stop, but champions like zed getting free kills of their bs damage on their shuriken and ult is retarded. 8) Tanks like malphite building nothing but armor and doing 600+ ap damage is retarded. Tanks are only there to take the hits. IF they can do anything else than it is broken from the get go. You can't have a unkillable fuck who can out damage you. 9) Juggernauts should not be a thing. Because building black fucking cleaver and then just building pure tank items should not be fucking viable. Or in shen case hydra, but either way. You can't expect me to buy this shit and accept it. If they build 1 damage item and are out damaging me who has full damage items/lifesteal/armor pen/ and everything that is meant to counter them something is clearly fucking wrong.. 10) Wukong is not a fucking exception. His damage, just gut it. No he should not be able to do 1/2 the towers life in 1 hit with his q. no. just fucking no. 11) Towers need to do true damage to champions for the first 10-15 minutes of the game. No one should be able to tank towers at anypoint aside from the minions. Just plain and simple. Alister/malphite/orn or whoever diving you level 5 and tanking it all is not fucking okay. 12) The shields in this game need to go. I am about to kill someone, boom 1 shield, a second shield, a third etc. 13) Healing needs to be nerfed on champions like soraka, sona, etc. Them fucking a play and just healing their team like nothing happened is not okay. 14) The lack of mana gating in this game now is retarded. Mages are supposed to be gated till late game. 10 minutes in is not late game. Them almost never running out of mana is not okay. 15)CDR needs to go and be removed from runes. 15% cool down for a total of 60% on ults, especially for mages is toxic. 16) Champions like annie and teemo not getting the mfkering gutting they deserve because they are "original champions" is a load of hot shit. 17) Veigar needs a gutting. 1 hitting everyone late game is not okay. He isn't healthy. I am going to leave it with that. I can go on and on and on, but it would be never ending. I know I ranted, but this shit is too much.

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