People Who Think Ranks Matters In Terms of Player Skill/Game Knowledge

You're part of the reason this game is so toxic. You think your Gold V rank makes you better than a Bronze V player, or if you're a Challenger player thinking you're better than a Platinum player. Ranking harassment is one of the biggest problems with this game. Unranked players like myself get treated like Bronze players because we don't want to enter the toxic ranked environment of trolling and AFKs. My 1st 3 seasons of the game I played placement matches to see where I would end up. Silver V in Season 3 (1st year playing the game), I knew I wasn't good enough to play ranked at the time and didn't have a proper role or champion pool yet so I didn't focus on it until I improved at the game. Seasons 4 and 5 I played my placement matches to see where I would end up, but never dedicated to ranked for personal life reasons that were going on at the time, granted I still didn't feel I could handle ranked play yet so I wouldn't have done it anyways. I didn't know at the time that you're always placed lower each pre-season when you finish placements, so now whenever someone talks about my rank I'm always being treated as a Bronze player due to my season 5 rank of Bronze 3 just because I didn't do anything past placements so my rank never went up. I didn't do any ranked in Season 6 and honestly don't know if I will do it this season even though I know I'm good enough at the game now to play it and climb. For anyone wondering what my elo range is now in terms of ranked tags, I consistently get placed against platinum players in Normals (and can win against them most of the time mind you). Do I think I deserve to be Plat? God no, I see myself being somewhere in mid Gold more than likely (even though there is a chance I could be higher). Even if I did reach mid Gold I'd still get harassed as a Gold level player by the Plat+ player base just the same as I get treated as a Bronze player now. It's dumb and annoying that players that just want to enjoy the game get treated like trash just because they don't have a high standing in Ranked play. End of rant, hope you all have a Merry Christmas or a Happy Hanukkah, whichever you're about if either.
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