Here's why Riot puts level 30's into mid silver and low gold.

**A vast majority of players hit level 30 for one thing, and that's ranked. ** Keep in mind, there are plenty.. plenty of games where players are simply carried into silver and gold.. this keeps the game active. More "fake" ranks, gets more players into the system.. and quicker matches. End result is terrible matchmaking in favor of quicker matchmaking... but there are a few players happy and continue playing because they magically won the lottery and got gold - then just grind normals with their friends. **** **They don't care about iron and silver, it only increases profit when someone quits.** New account - quicker queues for players level 1-30 Imagine trying to play league as a new.. player.. there would be no one leveling 1-30 you would probably have to wait for 15+ minute queues and quit the game - saying its dead. New account - more bundle purchases, 100$ riot point purchases, exp boosts, another skin purchase with a new account (smurphs do this all the time) Hell I would buy my "main" champ on a smurph or drop 100$ on a new account. **** **Riot literally added iron, so there would be more room for players in the higher rankings** Who actually climbs from Iron to bronze.. to silver.. to gold? When EVERYONE quits and makes a new account afterwards? Honestly it's a smart move adding Iron to the game, it generates what the Riot needs.. new accounts. New accounts is a money maker, like I said in my previous point. It's a "free to play" game, with a majority of profits coming from, you guessed it. NEW ACCOUNTS. Now a bunch more people are landing gold (I'm proud of it.. lol) And a bunch of people are quitting and resetting from scratch because they landed Iron. (Bronze wasn't an issue, it wasn't making players quit either) **** **You guys really think they want to fix matchmaking?** They love making players ragequit obviously, so they can smurph (again new accounts) Did ranked 5v5 Teams generate new accounts? - Nope Does Aram generate new accounts? Maybe for the re-rolls Does 3v3 generate new accounts? Yes.. it absolutely does because of how fast you gain exp. (The highest level in the world does 3v3 ai) Does balancing champions.. generate new accounts? No. At the end of the day, they will keep adding dumb mechanics that make you feel like a god (Aatrox revive 1v5, Yasuo Q spam E spam) ****
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