These Teemo "buffs".

Curious to get the opinions of other people who have played with the new Teemo changes. As far as I'm concerned these so called "buffs" are actually an overall nerf. 1. The passive change is more of a QoL change. Yes, you go stealth faster (especially if you're) in the brush. The increase for his attack speed when coming out of stealth is nice, but not used that often compared to so many other champions passive abilities. It's definitely a buff to the passive, but it's still one of the weaker passives in the game. Also, Teemo top won't really benefit from being able to move in a brush when in stealth, as the bushes were changed to 3 smaller bushes with the new SR. 2. His Q , W, and E were unchanged. If Teemo needed anything updated it was probably his W, Move Quick. It is an ability that was great for when the champion was released because dashes and movement speed increases were much more rare than they are now. Teemo is supposed to be played in a hit-and-run manner, his W is so outclassed by many newer champion abilities that this ability is pretty much always leveled last. 3. Rest in peace, Noxious Trap. I get it, throwing shrooms looks cool. I am honestly glad that Riot is trying to spice up some of the older, more binary champions, but this isn't the answer. Making his slow decay over time? Not grating vision of a person hit by a shroom (it appears that hitting a shroom actually REMOVES vision of a champion, a bug perhaps?) Shroom duration was cut in half from 10 to 5 minutes, that is a big hit to Teemo's ability to give vision around the map. This is Teemo's ULTIMATE ability, and it's been hit hard with the nerf bat. In order to be able to keep a similar level of map control with the shrooms new duration you will HAVE to buy either Morellonomicon or Athene's. You will need more CDR and mana regen to TRY and keep as many shrooms down. That in itself is a big nerf to Teemo. Noxious trap has also had it's arm time increased, why? One of the only way to protect yourself as Teemo from someone with a gap closer (Renekton, Riven, Yasuo, etc.) was to put down a shroom at your feet when you were being dove. At 1 seconds arm time you already had to try and predict when the enemy was going to make it's move so that the shroom would be armed and explode before they could move out of the way. Between the animation and arming time of 1.5 seconds it will be near impossible to pull this off if the enemy champion is even remotely paying attention. "But Riot wants Teemo to have more presence in a team fight, and now you can throw shrooms into the enemy team." I may be wrong here, but I don't think you'll hardly ever successfully throw a shroom into an enemy team and actually have it explode. The only positive to this change is that at later levels you can shroom a bush from safety, which is pretty cool but doesn't make up for all the other power Teemo loses from the other changes. I think that these changes make Teemo more geared towards being a jungler or support. I think you will see Teemo's late game power fall off simply because of the increased arm time, and decreased duration on shrooms (which will really hurt him when trying to shroom an escape late game). I think granting Teemo's shrooms longer duration with rank would be fair (perhaps 5/6.5/8 minutes at ranks 1/2/3?). Another idea that would actually make Teemo able to truly utilize his new passive would be to grant Teemo invisibility for a short time after leaving the brush (.75 or 1 second). I say this because being able to move around stealthed in a bush does almost nothing if the enemy team knows you're in there, at which point it's useless. Maybe I'm way off base here, feel free to let me know. I know that Teemo haters will never stop hating, and everyone is entitled to their opinion. I just have issue with Riot giving all this fanfare about these "buffs" when I honestly think they are nerfs. If Riot wants Teemo to be a jungler, just say it. I feel that some Riot devs try to sugarcoat their carefully worded responses in terms of reworks, and their explanations as to why they make said changes. I don't want funny comments about "how cool" these changes are, I just want a straight and open reason as to why changes are made. If Riot simply said, "we don't like Teemo in his current state, so we're changing him", I'd be fine with that! Just give it to us straight, without the fluff, without the "all hail the dark lord" jokes, and with what your honest intentions and expectations are for the champion. Thanks for reading, - A sad Teemo fan {{item:3070}}
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