All of boards complaining about Ranked matchmaking, I want a red response (open discussion with reds)

Why is it that Riot impedes a players climb because they have been winning and climbing the ladder? Why is it that you match a losing streak Plat 5 and a Gold 4 with higher than average MMR to "Balance" a game out? Why is it that when I go on long win streaks, I tend to have games harder by not having harder competition, but worse teammates to work with, as if you are working AGAINST me? Why is it that in my promos, the teams will be equal, Plat 3s-Plat 1s Vs. Plat 3s-Diamond 5s, but yet, when I get promoted I get a Gold 2/3 on my team and some Plat 4s to carry against a team of Plat 3s and 2s? Why have the league system if you are going to just face people of your own skill anyway? How will a person climb from Gold 3 to Plat 5 if they are constantly matched with people that are Plat 4/5/G1? Why not just have the league system where every Division plays against there own? For example, Bronze Vs Bronze, Silver Vs Silver, Gold Vs Gold ect.... and do away with the MMR system? What is the actual point of Ranked integrity if you continuously work against the player to normalize that players W/L to 50%? Why not just let them climb? I'm waiting Riot, I'd like these questions answered, and I'm sure other people do as well.
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