So about Eve...

I realize that Evelynn in her old state with both AP/AD was hard to balance because of her stealth, so you guys made it to the point she needs her w to do almost anything early to semi-mid way threw the game. fair, shes invisible. as a eve main i get why my speed boost on my w was replaced with a obvious charm that locks a 4th of my damage way if i dont use its effects. But... I ask as a person who realized that old eve was dying in the rework and as a person who likes the new eve. Can i please have some Ad scaling added to her ability's so I can have just a small bit of old Eves build diversity back. It saddens me to build the exact same items almost every game on a champion that use to be able to fill any role. I'm not asking for that much build diversity back, all id like to do is have the ability to build a gun blade (really anything new) to spice the games up alittle and maybe just do a all Ad build on eve as a meme game with friends. Like I said I realized old eves kit was busted with AD/AP but her new kit is built around a charm mainly, she doesn't have the things that made it hard to work with like the 120% attack speed buff on her E, the Q spam, and her full invis at lv1. The scaling could come back and it wouldn't be broken at all, it would just slightly free up her build paths. in my ideal world i would give her a 20%ad of the Q skill shot, 15%AD of the extra damage, And back to 20%AD for the spikes. Then I would give her R like 50%AD and that's it, nothing else. It sounds like that would suck horribly but you need to take into account she has a charm and she isn't supposed to go AD anymore so this is more of item freedom. If that's not possible I have a second Idea. can i have some skin that looks really close to the old eve. I saw this and obviously I don't own it but this is kinda the look, a modern looking old eve skin.
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