How Do You Guys Deal with Jayce?

*not a QQ thread* I play top lane for my team. Currently, Jayce dominates the top lane meta, and I've actually been unable to find a single good answer to him. Irelia gets straight up outdamaged and killed (and knocked away if she does start a favorable trade), Rumble and Kennen get annihilated by the efficiency of Maw rush, Gnar has to play the lane on a knife's edge to avoid getting all-inned (and if he falls behind he's dunzo), and Trundle just loses trades left and right and is too easily knocked away when all-inning. The closest thing to an answer that I've found is Poppy, but even she can't stop Jayce, she just scales into a tank while he scales into an insane damage dealer. Am I misunderstanding one of these lanes? Is there a laner I'm not thinking of? Other than banning him, how do you guys deal with Jayce?
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