Cancerous Dynamic queue premades

I just had the worst ranked experience ever that cost me my last promo match to gold 4. Hey, you might think its just another salty guy coming to the board to vent his frustration after losing a game but I think my experience perfectly demonstrates what is wrong with the system. I got matched with a 4 man premade who barely spoke or pinged the whole game because they were probably over skype among them selves, leaving me in the dark as to what their plans were. They would always group as 4 and go for fights and objectives without saying anything to me. They also made a bunch of idiotic calls and refuse to listen or talk when I tried to reason with them. For instance, When the enemy team was 4 man pushing mid and 1 guy top, the 4 man premade went all the way to chase the 1 split pusher despite me begging for help mid, leaving me to defend mid by myself against 4 people. No amount of spam pinging would get them to come and we ended up losing 2 turrets. Later in the game, I think their internet went out or something because my four teammates randomly disconnected at once, leaving me to 1v5 for a good 2 mins or so. All these factors combined caused us to lose the game. I can't play ranked anymore if this is what the ranked experience is gonna be like for the S6 season. Premades have way to much power in ranked. My ranked badge is no longer a reflection of my personal skill but rather how lucky I can get with premades. Or I could just find people to play dynamic queue with but ranked wouldn't have much value anyways because anyone can get carried. This is why ranked this season is dead. Ranked needs to be solo que/ ranked teams only. Edit: Don't get me wrong though, the premade was NOT toxic but I did not enjoy playing with them none the less.
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