Riot, if you nerf Vayne I am quitting the game

Yes, I own the prestige Vayne skin, which means you will lose a paying customer Here's my reasoning : * Vayne is hard to play, players who have dedicated enough time to gain a positive win rate with Vayne should be rewarded * Vayne has 1% less win rate on top than she has as an ADC in bot lane, what does that tell us? That tells us that ADCs are underpowered compared to top laners (just think about it) * There is always gonna be an OP champ in any role, why shouldn't it be Vayne ? * Vayne is the most fun champion to watch competitively and on streams because of her consistent ability to 1v5 (Riven comes close second) * Vayne depends on the support, that's why I always have to duo with my 1 million mastery points Thresh partner * Vayne is squishy, so even tho old tactic of pink warding her doesn't work - the other time tested method of countering any overpowered champion still works - you should just CC her * She is popular and sells skins * Many people own the prestigious Vayne skin * It's difficult to condemn people into the wall sometimes * She can be outplayed if she dives 1v2 * She only has 5 escapes (Tumble, Condemn, Heal, Flash, Botrk) * Her invisibility doesn't last as long as Twitch's invisibility * Her W doesn't deal the same amount of damage as other executes such as Garen's R * It's easy to missclick with Vayne when you have high APM most advanced Vayne players have * Vayne has the potential to 1v5 at any given moment, but it doesn't always work out * She has a short range (just look at Tristana and Caitlyn aa range and then tell me again Vayne is OP?) Thank you for reading.
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