Can we get some f**king changes around here?

Seriously Riot, probably half of your playerbase is unsatisfied with the game right now. Don't pull the bullshit excuse of "well, the Boards doesn't represent the whole community." Then use the client to get some ACTUAL feedback, not some shitty "is the new champ neat? press button to agree" ALL of your old players want the game to return to it's original speed, if you're not going to address that then just tell us to fucking leave already. Let's go down the fucking list. * There is ZERO room for comeback in the current game state, unless if you consider a comeback as giving first blood yet _somehow_ still winning the game. * about 1/5 of your champions are actually viable * the game ends in like 20 fuckin minutes * games being decided in the first 10 * Literally ANY champ in the game can build to 1 hit if you're not a tank. * Tanks outdamage carries in almost all circumstances. * Lord, all of the bugs with the champs that just blatantly going unfixed. ({{champion:19}} Q, {{champion:82}}'s literal hundreds of bugs) * ZERO item diversity in ADC's, {{item:3031}} + {{item:3508}} + {{item:3046}} + {{item:3094}} /{{item:3087}} +{{item:3036}} +{{item:1001}}. let's fuckin remove crit already. * First blood on turrets is a complete failure. God if you told me this shit in season 2 I wouldn't know what game you were talking about. And then what do we see in the PBE changes? "Hey guy's how ya doin, here's 50 more skins and we also increased Cassiopeia's AD from 70 to 71, we feel this patch will have a major impact in her laning phase." Stop brushing off the playerbases opinion on the game and chumming it up to your sample size when you have the ability to fix that. That one bald dude at Riot legit said you guys were going to listen to your community more, but you suddenly go deaf when you hear players aren't satisfied.
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