Is it me or the other players.......or something else???

Okay so, I know we get A LOT of these discussions, but I'm trying to find specific cases of it but no luck. So, season 4 I was able to make it to the bare minimum Diamond V just by supporting (I started off in I think about GoldIII and took me less than a 100 games to get to D5). In Season V, I didn't play that much and got elo decayed to about PlatV. (Still played off and on, but took about 6 months off). This season I decided to play support again, but was placed in SilverIII. Here's where it gets interesting, I am struggling severely in the elo I am now, which is Gold III (about 85 games in), and to be honest........I'M NOT SURE WHY! Obviously, something is amiss, cause I'm thinking I should be in a higher elo b/c of what happened in Season 4. With all that being said, what the hell is going on??? Do I need to take another break? Has the meta changed so much that it's even harder to carry as support? Am I not as good as I once was? Was my season 4 elo a fluke? Super unlucky teammates? Am I getting old, so I can't react as fast anymore (27 yrs. old) I'm just trying to figure out why, cause if I can figure out why instead of just constantly playing, maybe I can figure out faster what is wrong. Has anyone here experienced this before, where they are doing great in one season and the next, 2 elo tiers down with the same amount of games played in both seasons? If so, I'd really like your 2 cents. Depending on what it is, I might just play once in awhile, cause every time I play ranked, I'm disappointed. Thanks guys!
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