One of the funniest things is people saying Buffs coencide with skin releases.

While I whole heartedly believe that a champion has to be playable and be a viable pick in the meta to sell skins. There is quite a coincidence of champions that are strong getting skins or the champion being popular. People are more likely to buy a skin for champ that is good rather than buying skins on champs that just can't compete. It is the smartest business decision that RIOT can make. I love when people point it out like the guy on the lux buff post. It makes me giggle every time. I think it is because in reality it is somewhat true. There is a blatant favoritism of champions in the last few years and riot does not want to make there poster champions bad because it will affect there skin sales. The balance team is not even balancing champions at this point imo. There adding more damage and with upcoming changes with champions such as riven with 12 sec q all ranks it does not change the champ at all. It does not ton her back as she builds max cd. Second look at the leblanc q buff coming. The champ wins trades with just w,q and auto for electrocute proc. There giving her more damage why?
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