lets brainstorm about sylas ultimate

im really curious how it will work with certain ultimates ones that recharge, teemo and corki. ones that create another entity, annie, yorick, MORDE AND SHACO, multiple instance ultis, akali, darius (if kill/reset), pyke, condition ultis, gnar, yasuo, kaisa, KALISTA, spell empower ultis, leblanc, heimerdonger, karma, TWITCH, empower ultis, olaf, riven, renekton/nasus, rengar/kha zix, form change ultis, udyr, swain, ultis that technically dont work without a certain mechanic, ekko, kalista again, kaisa, illaoi, "useless" ultis, zoe, voli, and lets face it... riot isnt really known for fixing well known bugs (examples are fiora. her double passive, mordekaiser, sivirs spellshield being able to block 2 spells which wasnt fixed for 5 years straight) so how this ult will work AND THE BUGS IT IS GOING TO CREATE seem scary. even tho i really like the idea, i feel like this ult has the potencial to cause a lot of problems and get vandiril a lot more views.
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