The drawback to having no resources is supposed to be long CD's

Yet for some reason you stuck CDR on basically every damn item they would build making it so that that weakness is gone. Not only that but you give them mobility and sustain? Why? {{champion:266}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:58}} (yes im counting this cancer) {{champion:92}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:55}} These are all champions that can very easily bully you out of lane and force you to go b, because despite them being low hp as well they don't have any mana limiting them letting them use whatever they want to heal back up into the lane. Even someone like gnar or riven can easily get away with the lack of built in healing by just buying a {{item:1059}} then healing back to full while not having to worry about resources. All of them have either A) Massive sustain or B) Stupid mobility some of them both. The weakness these champs are supposed to have is them having massive cooldowns that prevent them from being able to fight back because they're spell cast dependant on fighting. With the addition of stupid runes causing mass cancer amounts of damage into the game it becomes basically impossible to fight them after they blew their cooldowns trading with you (I shouldn't even say trading since most of their combos result in them hitting you and getting away without you being able to move) as well as CDR being stapled onto everything for no reason making it take 1-2 items depending on runes to reach 40-45% cdr easily. It's really stupid you took away the 1 weakness and haven't balanced them around that. None of them are fun to play against and have been infuriating for years now
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