People aren't annoyed because Riot isn't fixing issues RIGHT NOW

I get that Runes Reforged is going to shake up the meta and everything's going to be crazy for a long while. But that isn't why people are annoyed at the balance department. It's the fact that the meta was left in this state for a very long time. Runes Reforged can't be used as an excuse for Riot ignoring this ridiculous bot-lane centric meta that makes the other roles just seem worthless sometimes. Or for the fact that a whole team can use all their burst on the enemy ADC but they'll be left at half health and lifesteal up to full anyways. It's not acceptable for the game to be left in a stupidly unbalanced state for so long. A prime example is our favourite rat, Twitch. The guy's been a powerhouse for the majority of this season, and do you know the last time he was nerfed? Patch 6.24. Ironically, almost a year ago, before season 7 even really began. Just a gentle reminder.
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