Zilean rework

So when I first heard about league I went online to look at the available champions before I would download and start playing a couple years ago. I was amazed at the vast variety of champions that existed and the amazing themes they filled. When I read about a time mage named Zilean I instantly thought that would be my favorite coming into league. I've always had a kind of special place in my heart for Zilean but can never really bear to play him because when I play him I really don't feel like a time mage whatsoever. In my opinion Ekko fits the time mage theme even better than Zilean does. In my opinion I'd really like Zilean to be the next rework after nunu. I feel he's in the same situation as pre-rework Irelia where he's a fine champion and his kit works, but he just isn't living up to the potential a time mage could be. The way he plays now just feels like some random old guy wandered on to the rift with bombs for some reason. As for the mains I understand a lot of you guys are attached to Zilean and I wanted to know. Would you guys like to keep Zilean as is? Or do you want a full rework. If he doesn't get a rework a full vgu would be awesome as his model is quite outdated and certain skins could use splash and particle reworks.

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