What if you lost less LP in ranked games if people on your team were afk

Why does this not happen. say a game starts out fine but 5 min in your ADC disconnects most likely your going to lose, your main dmger is gone so you lose the game and you just lost 22 LP ...... wait so i spent 30 min in a game that i was going to lose and i get punished for my team mate leaving. What if there was a system were based on how long your team mate was afk you lose less LP say the normally you lose 22 LP per loss what if you loss 1 less lp per min that your team mate was afk so you lose 4 Lp if your ADC was afk for 18 minutes, much better This means that if your team mate was afk for only 1 min you cant get away with only losing only 5 lp for that loss obviously the afk team mate will still lose full LP and the enemy team will still gain full Lp. In this current theme of fairness in ranked with the introduction of position ranking it only makes sense that that this could be a thing. leave give this discussion an up vote and vote in the poll if you agree. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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