So the Marksman Changes are here

And it is confirmed that one of the goals is making each item more of a "who/how do I want to fight" sort of deal vs "what gives the best stats", so I really want to point out the blue elephant in the room. {{item:3035}} I can mathematically prove that this is one of the most gold efficient items in the game against champions with less than 64 base armor (the last time I checked the Wiki, this is mini Gnar's base armor, the lowest in the game at level 18. I ignore Thresh for obvious reasons). In some bizarre cases, it's even exceedingly efficient on Assassin like champions or more gold efficient than most other options as early as the 2nd or 3rd items to rush. Riot, you mention last whisper once in the surrender@20 article about the preseason: >Last Whisper is now a component item. It builds into new things. and I hope this means what I think it means, but can you guys please tell us clearly if this item still operates on total armor instead of, for example, bonus armor, or if some mathematician of yours briefly went over it and made sure it's not ridiculously overtuned for fighting squishies or for Assassins to use? On a related note, a more detailed statement on how the AD itemization changes are expected to affect AD Assassins would be greatly appreciated. And I guess it'd be nice to end this thread on a high note. Thank you guys for the whole "who/how do I want to fight" ideal that the marksman changes are striving for. It really does get most of my grievances with marksmen and their play style out of the way, and helps solve another part of the "League of stat checking" problem I've noticed in some games.
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