Riot has changed in a bad direction

So today I decided I would look through some posts in the gameplay board and I'm not too happy about the results. I'll give some backstory before I say whats on my mind. I've played this game since 2012 and it is currently 2017. I have over 3000 games played. that's a long time to play a single game and a whole lot of games, and so i've seen this company progress for a long time, I've enjoyed this game very much during this time and typically I like the changes to the overall game. I thought the new bushes when they were implemented were pretty good, and I loved the new updated map that we have now, I loved that champs were getting reworks and I loved when they implemented the change in champion costs when new champs came out. But lets get into the complaint now My favorite thing about Riot was, They were very involved in the community. You would often see their comments in posts, The post could've been about how they don't like new changes or the post could've been some sort of fun idea concept that a player would come up with, and they would typically respond, sometimes it would be funny and other times it might not have been something we wanted to hear but at least they gave us something. I don't want to see anymore videos or post saying "we hear you, and we're listening" because when they make a change it clearly shows that someone isn't listening to the communities cries for help. When I went through a bunch of posts today on the forum I noticed that when I saw posts from 2 years ago or so there would be upwards of 4 Rioters on one post and not every post was answered but a lot of them were (note: this is only from the new forum that they updated not from the old forum before this one) But when i saw posts from a month ago or 6 months ago, even with 400 upvotes or 200 upvotes, there were no riot comments. I understand that not all posts need a Rioter to comment on them because not all of them are intended for Riot but for the community to see. Whenever I see Rioters responding to critical post its typically an argumentative approach and not their friendly we understand and everything. It seems like how blizzards system has been working for a few years now where its a you're a player and your opinion is wrong and Riot or my opinion itself is right. It feels more like Riot is intentionally ignoring its players cries for help as blizzard has been doing in the past few years even though the company is much younger than blizzard. Its a pretty terrible thing in the eyes of a player that has been supporting this company over the past 5 years. My hopes are that Riot as a company addresses these issues with their current staff soon because if new players come in and see stuff like this Riots dreams of League being on top for a long time is going to come toppling down in the 7 years that this game has been public (not including the beta they had started in 2009). I don't want to see my favorite gaming company turn into something like blizzard after such a short period of time. I would like to see this young company realize its mistake and fix it before its too late and the game dies like World of Warcraft. There are only so many things you can do to attempt so save a dying community before you become so desperate that you become sloppy and release content that the playerbase does not enjoy. I ask that you please take what I've said into consideration, and I ask that you do not make the same mistake that other companies have made because I don't want to see my favorite game die.
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