Personal Complaint: Why did you ruin MY champ?

Hi. I'm a support main. I play solo queue, and that means I have to deal with a lot of untalented ADCs. I have been forced to adapt by playing supports that can also carry a game if my ADC is no good. I want to complain that you _DELIBERATELY_ ruined my best support champ, Cassiopeia. * Are you sure it was deliberate? First, you took away Cass's Spellthief bonus. It used to be that a single hit of Q would apply all three stacks of spellthief's passive over the course of several seconds. This allowed Cass to play very passively in lane, which was a necessity because Cass's mana costs are too high, and damage too low, to be harassing the way a spellthief support does to earn stacks. As of this patch, a hit of Q now only applies 1 stack. So now I have to land THREE skillshots, or get close enough to autoattack, or spend a ton of mana dumping miasma on them and sacrifice my defense in the process. * So we fixed a bug. (Yes of course it was a bug) So what? There's no way to buy additional magic penetration on Cass. In addition, there's about a bajillion ways to deal extra bonus damage. At first you might think "Those cancel out, then, right? You don't get magic pen but at least you get extra damage." Nah, think harder. If EVERYONE gets free damage, and my scaling is worse than the other guy's, where is this gonna end at? * OK, so we may have hit Zyra and Cass and a few other Magic Pen. mages kinda hard with this update. But it's not just Cass for that. Cass has a unique advantage in that, she doesn't have to buy boots and she gradually gains movespeed. Or, rather, she had a unique advantage. Now every other support in the game runs magical footwear and not only gets free boots, but a 350 gold discount on Tier 2 boots. Cass's advantage has shrunk to the smallest ever. It's even worse than Zyra, because Zyra can still build Sorcerer's shoes - at a discount, no less - and get a bit of early magic penetration going! * We did mention that Cass can't have the boots-related Runes because she doesn't have shoes. Yes, I was about to bring that up. No Predator, either. An assassin that can't use the Predator Rune. And does she get anything for her loss? **Nothing.** * But Cass still has six inventory slots. Yes, Cass has 6 slots, so IN THEORY, she should be able to scale well into the lategame and devastate other players with her additional 100-or-so AP from her sixth item. Enter Gathering Storm. Every single player in the game now powerspikes at 40 minutes. Cass has no damage advantage at all at this juncture. *** TL;DR Summarize please?** 1. No 3 spellthief stacks from a single Q because you removed it. 2. No early damage advantage because I can't get free (or even cheap) magic pen and everyone gets free damage 3. All the supports get free cost-efficient move speed now, except Cass 4. Cass can't use Predator even though she's an "assassin" and would really benefit from the move speed surge. 5. Even Cass's super late game got hit; Gathering Storm gives all champions free insane lategame hitpower, and Cass has to farm for item 6. There's no reason to play Cass, let alone Cass support. Why'd you do this to me? =(

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