Revert Akali

Hello everyone, I have created this discussion, although it is not a new topic, to talk about Akali. I know that what I say alone will not do much, but I hope after reading this and seeing how many other people would prefer to have Akali reverted does a lot. Before Akali's rework, she had a low play rate just like she does now. Although, at this moment Akali only has a low play rate because she is banned almost every single game. As a player who has been here since season 5 on different accounts, I never liked to have a large champion pool. I liked to find a champion that I loved to play and I never got bored of playing. As you can see in my username, that was Yasuo at one point. After a little bit, I grew to be bored of Yasuo, so I searched for a new champion to main and I found Akali. The moment I watched some videos on her, I knew I would love to play her. She then got reworked in season 6 I believe and I forgot about her. Then, I observed her more, played her a bit, and realized I liked that version even better than the one from season five and early season 6. Although that version was not as strong as the one from before, she was never banned, and played by a select few who enjoyed playing her as I did. I then one tricked her, which got me out of bronze which is a big moment for every League player, and I played her all the way to gold. I eventually heard that Akali was going to get a rework, and I was very sad. I had hoped that it would not be a huge change and that I would still love to play her. Once the abilities for her were released, I thought that it wouldn't be too bad. I was happy at first to see that she had true stealth, but thought that that was going to be a huge problem for being able to play her in ranked. I ended up being right. Akali now has an extremely low win rate and play rate. This rework could have been good, if it was made to play against other champions that had broken abilities like true stealth. The select few players that loved playing that season 7 and some of 8 Akali I imagine were all sad. In result of the rework, I stopped playing League. I had no joy in playing the game that I loved to play on. Other players, old Akali players and non Akali players want the old Akali back. Some want it because they miss the old Akali, and others want it because this new one is just so unfair to play against. Not only is it unfair to play against, but unfair to play as for multiple reasons. If you get fed as this new Akali, you can either be extremely overpowered, or still feel like you are weak and will get pummeled in a team fight. It is also unfair because if you fall behind, there is not a chance get back to where everyone else is, XP and gold wise. With the old Akali, those times where you have a bad game you could hope to get back to where everyone else is and help your team win by farming and doing other things to help. Like I said, if it really isn't enough people wanting akali to be reverted, then so be it. You can lose those players to other games because they don't have much fun here anymore. If you take the players who want the revert (such as big names in the League community like Professor Akali and TF Blade), and the facts that this knew Akali can never be played due to being banned, and that she is hated by everyone into account you will see the obvious action. The action to revert akali back to the exact way she was before. Thank you for reading, I really does hope this gets you to consider a revert and not just nerfing her invisibility, -Steezy Boy

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