Ranged champions are even going to be dominant in the jungle now lol

"Ranged champions can kite the monsters due to their soft resets without taking much damage since their hard reset takes awhile to kick in" - Kobe2014 Goodbye melee champions. You already have pretty much been kicked out of top lane while never being used bot lane and rarely being used mid lane, now ranged champions can even outjungle you due to never taking damage from mobs lol. You can pretty much full clear on any ranged autoattacker without taking any damage now. "But if you don't pick a melee champion in the jungle you'll need to pick a melee somewhere else to be tanky!" Or you could just pick gnar since he doesn't have the downside of being melee in lane lol. Why would I EVER pick a tank top lane if Gnar exists with a better laning phase, better teamfight, more damage, more everything, while also being ranged in lane, might as well start running double AP if you can't get Gnar. As long as Gnar is good you know who will never be used? Renekton, Mundo, Shyvana, Shen, etc. Looks like Riot solved the melee lane problem that they so wanted to! This game's balance between ranged and melee is an absolute joke. Once pros learn how to abuse this you won't see melee anymore
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