Master Yi Issues

Well, this is not gonna be easy, as many of you will not like what I am gonna say but here we go: Master Yi has many problems right now, and they need a solution, a REAL solution, even if most of players don't wanna see Master Yi because it's pretty scary and hard to deal with a fed one. The fact that season after season games last less time entails that is pretty rare to have a game of more than 30 minutes, which means that it's also not very common to have a full build on any champion. So, in first place, late game champions are weaker than they used to be, even though they can focus on afk farming during 5 or 10 minutes, like Vayne would do until she has her core items so she is kinda ready to take fights. The problem here comes when one of these late game, hard carry champions is a jungler, this is the case of Master Yi, because as we all know, jungle XP and gold have been lowered in the past, so junglers focus more on gank and not afk farming, but that doesn't work on Master Yi, who needs items to be able to be a threat. Also, jungle timers have been rised in the past so afk farming is not an option anymore. Master Yi kit is not bad at all, actually, I'd say he's ok, I wouldn't say he has bad kit or he is weak, BUT, game has evolved a lot since Master Yi release and new and more complex champions have been released, so if we compare those to Master Yi, yes, in fact, he's weak (at least early to mid game). While other on-hit champions have various ways of empower their auto-attacks, Master Yi only has his Wuju Style (E), which gives him true damage for a short amount of time. His Q is ok and still a headache for enemies, which is fine, he needs to have some way to make plays and to catch people. His Meditate (W) is just "fine", he could have more damage reduction (after seeing new Pantheon E) or he could have more healing (since there are support champions that heal for so much their adc's (like Yuumi), but still, his W is pretty good. The biggest issue I see comes with his Highlander (R). I feel like everyone who has a little bit of mobility outruns him. Master Yi needs or blue smite (which isn't the best for him, since he's based on Auto-Attacks) or a lot of MS items like Phantom Dancer, Statikk Shiv and Wit's End so you can reach people without having to flash on them or initiate on them with Alpha Strike (Q). And that's a problem because: - You won't always have your flash available. - You can NOT initiate with Alpha Strike, because you will probably need it to avoid some CC or some hard damage. - If you are not yet into late game you don't have all these items, so, champions like Kai'Sa, Vayne or Pyke will easily outrun Master Yi. BUT as I said, almost everyone outruns him. I don't see logical that Highlander is slower than anyone with tier 2 boots. And if you, somehow, catch the champion you are chasing, by flashing or whatever you do, your Highlander simply ends before you kill him so, either you don't kill him or you do but don't get a reset. Finally, I'm not asking for a huge buff to Master Yi. I'm just asking for a very little nerf on the base MS of a pretty big amount of champs or maybe some of these ideas I leave down below: - Slightly increasing the range of Master Yi's Q - Slightly increasing the damage reduction/healing of Master Yi's W - Increasing a little bit the MS and duration of Master Yi's R - Decrease jungle timers by just a few seconds - Incresing just a little bit the XP and gold that jungle camps give I think the first 3 are a MUST (maybe not all of them, but the buff to his R is really needed) The last 2 are just to make easier to get to that core build and be able to actually do something for the team, and maybe help other junglers too. If none of these are possible to be done and won't be done, then Master Yi needs a rework because, I think you will all agree with me, Master Yi means "balance trouble" and I'm pretty sure Riot know that he was a mistake; but, oh well, some of us enjoy that champion so we deserve some solution, IMO. I feel like I'm not allowed to play my fav champ in soloQ because I know that I will probably lose, so I have to play another thing that's actually stronger early to mid game and more useful for the current state of the game. Waiting for your opinions guys! ^^
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