Keep the new champ select, kill DQ for Ranked, give back Ranked 5's.

I personally like the new champ select, where you pick out your lane (primary, secondary) and get what you want. Second, it gets rid of the, "MID OR FEED", or "Idk how to play this lane". (Well, I haven't seen those words in the lobby for a while). Less trolls, imo. Yes, queue times are long, and yes, picking fill means support. (Because you're basically trying to fill a space in.) However, no one really complained that much (I haven't seen much complaint) when it took 10 minutes to find a support in Team Builder BECAUSE everyone got the role they wanted. (No seriously, forcing someone into fill is mean.) Thirdly, as a person who mainly queues with friends (who also spam Ranked games), whenever we all queue together, it's always a game mode, or a normal game (never ranked together except once, but that's because Ranked 5's are gone). The reason why we don't touch each other's Ranked games is because we want to gain personal achievement in winning a Ranked game. We want to be able to say, "_I_ won because of _my ability_ to shotcall/make decisions/etc." Isn't that what Ranked is, though? o.o You get to compare yourself to other people and get to be able to improve because you can see your mistakes better. (Instead of spamming a one-trick pony combo that works 55% percent of the time, surrendering at 20 when losing, and repeating the same thing.) On the other hand though, the point of Ranked 5's was so that a team could say, "We have better coordination/synergy/etc than the other team." Also, because Ranked 5's are a separate queue, it also has its own Ranked system, which in turn, will measure teams to other teams. The reason why Dynamic Queue existed is because people wanted to play Ranked in 3's and 4's in Summoner's Rift. The real problems that need to be fixed are: Why is Twisted Treeline not as popular? (I don't even play this map, except for Hexakill.) Why don't we have Ranked 4's? Why are supports unpopular? (I main support, this is a rhetorical question. I like support because flashy plays doe. ;-;)
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