Smurfing goes the wrong way

Been smurfing with a new player on league but I am already getting annoyed to everything that happens in the 'smurf' world. He is just learning the game but gets flamed every single game just because everyone expects that everyone in their game is smurf. Gets probably a report every single game or gets trashtalked by the enemy team in all chat (Luckily I still haven't told him about that option). Let him learn the game instead of going ham in chat. If you don't want new players in your team, don't smurf please. And also what I find 'unsportsmanlike' is how people just tunnel vision the new player to get fed off. Enemy team just uses everything on the new player dive their turret or whatever just to get fed and carry the game. Whenever I am in a solo lane and I know my opponent is new I just farm and leave him, I feel bad for stomping a new player and ruin his game/learning experience and instead I go to different smurf lanes. It's pretty obvious to see ingame who is new and who is a smurf so maybe just trying to help him instead of trying to dumpster him? Would be appreciated by him. Tl;dr I am getting tired of smurfs go wombo combo on a new player and be like: "GGEZ UNINSTALL BRONZE SCRUB" or teams be like: "Please report X for feeding". This game is for fun, not to raise your self-confidence or release your anger. P.s. Please do something against bots in aram, having 9 bots in your aram games on lower level is retarded.
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