Does anyone find Fiora sort of disgusting?

I mean my main is disgusting is very disgusting, but Fiora just honestly seems ridiculous during laning phase because of the fact of her W. I wouldn't mind her E being stronger, or her vitals being stronger. I can understand taking damage. But when you accidently use your CC ability infront of her as a melee, she ignores the cc. Well that's okay, not that bad. Nope, she'll stun you also if you're looking at her. That isn't too bad I guess...? And it's a ranged slow. Okay then? But, the real kicker is that it gives you an attack speed slow. Why does it punish you so hard, for just using an ability. If she misses her riposte, she is barely punished. There should always be sort of a risk = reward type of situation in every champion, with Riven, you spam all your abilities at the wrong time, you fuck up. Zed? YOU FUCKED UP. Yasuo? he's in urf mode.
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