@Riot Out of curiosity, why aren't nerfs reverted?

I ask this question because I don't feel like the player base has really gotten a clear answer regarding the matter. Frequently, we often see a champion get its numbers cut based on the existence of an item said champion synergizes really well with. However, the issue is that once the **item** inevitably gets nerfed, the champion nerf is **not** reverted. **Prime examples of this would be:** {{champion:19}} 's relationship with {{item:1415}} during preseason 5. His ultimate's base damage was nerfed by 100 and his W's duration was cut by 40%. {{champion:113}} 's relationship with {{item:1401}} during the introduction of Cinderhulk in season 5. Her W's % max HP damage was nerfed TWICE in a row from 12% @ max rank down to 6%. In addition her ultimate's 'consolation prize' slow was nerfed from 90% to 30%. The items that were determined to be the direct cause of these champion's popularity have been nerfed or balanced repeatedly to the point where they're much more in line with their counterparts. That said, both of these champions are still hampered by their pre-item balancing nerfs. **Out of curiosity: Why is this?**
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