Tell me about the most satisfying game you ever had

..whether it be because you stomped, because something funny happened, or whatever. ---- Mine was just a few days ago. I was tilted into low earth orbit after a large sequence of lost games across most modes. Tired of playing support and being hardcore dunked on, I asked my team friends who is good in other positions. Someone suggested Nasus top. {{champion:75}}, the Lord of Stacks. Okay, why not! I might have more agency over my own winrate than I do on support. I watch a couple videos and prepare to take him top lane. Set up runes, enter normal draft... dodge after I locked. Okay, that happens sometimes. Enter another game, lock in.. dodged after champ select was complete. Unlucky, but okay. **This process repeated itself literally four or five more times. **Deciding fuck it, I'm more interested in playing doggo top than getting a decent team comp and dealing with dodgers, I jump into blind pick and get into a game. Who's the opponent? Mother. Fucking. {{champion:157}}. And not just a Yas, a Yas main. I hate this champ. Viscerally. I hate his design, I hate his kit for being bullshit, I hate his grating sound effects, I hate most of its players for being cocky and toxic. This was my third or fourth Nasus game. Quickly found out that I just can't duel early game, because this double crit free shields free evasion motherfucker is a pain in the ass to play around. A death or two later, I resign myself to farm under tower. I walk back to tower range, and just start standing there after pressing the dance hotkey, dodging the occasional tornado . Eventually he pushes the wave in, and I start freezing just outside of tower range. I also figured out that E is a good way to pop his shield. Hm. This farming goes on for about 5 or 6 minutes. Eventually: {{champion:157}}: Can't you be a little more interactive? {{champion:75}}: You wanted "interactive", you shouldn't have picked a cancer champ. {{champion:157}}: This lane is like fighting an NPC. zzzzzzzzzzz {{champion:75}}: Already fed you twice. I'll stick with what works, thanks. Something I've noticed about Nasus, after a few more games, is that there's a tipping point after some time has passed. That moment when you can suddenly transition from playing safe to playing aggressive. That time is now. Jungler runs up. I E him - shield goes down. He's used to this. What he's not used to is me popping ult and Qing him for half of his health. I wither, he flashes, I flash, he does to a second Q. Windwall **that**, bitch. Weeblord ended the game 12/13. I didn't play great - 300 stacks by 20 minutes, early silly deaths, and some poor positioning, but I got to tilt and fucking delete a Yasuo for the first time - my single most hated champ in the game. And that was the most satisfying game I ever had.
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