So Yorick get hammer nerf but Daruis, Fiora, Pyke, etc get buffs ? Love world balance Legit i'm done of this stupid game and that balance team that seek only the balance around the pros who looks like they not that pro cause they need buffs/nerfs to be able to make amazing plays. And i bet you that stupid buffs to {{champion:114}} and {{champion:122}} cause {{champion:6}} showing off in top lane ,but ofcourse we won't nerf urgot so it doesn't show clearly that we don't like new picks into world so we will just buff 2 toxic champions and one of them already got buffed from few patch {{champion:114}} while other already decent counter to urgot just need abit of buffs. Even the stupid {{champion:555}} that is toxic in my eyes due to his easy to spam ult going to get buffed early on his R for more easy flashy kills, so let us destroy {{champion:83}} by direct nerfs and push the two toxic champions power up {{champion:122}} and {{champion:114}}
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