The True Value of Infernal Drake - A Nuanced Damage Analysis

Aqua Dragon here, ready to show that 8% isn't necessarily 8%. After slaying the Infernal Drake, the team receives the following buff. > **Infernal Tribute** > Grants 8 / 16 / 24% increased attack damage and ability power. It's tempting to say that this increases a team's damage output by 8%, but this is evidently false. What about champions like Veigar, who rack up monstrous amounts of AP? How about Darius, who builds a little AD afterward but not a ton? Will an ADC benefit more or an AD Assassin? ##In this post, I'm going to go over the big conclusions, then go through each individual champion calculated, and finally discuss the methodology. *** #The Results I discuss the methodology at the end of the post. The short summary is that [I used this calculator I created]( for each of the champions and tested their estimated builds at Level 8, Level 14, and Level 18. Then, I applied an Infernal Drake to their build to get **the relative damage increase.** The Relative Damage Increase means that if say, Ashe has 100 DPS at Level 8 with two items before the Infernal, and has 107.3 DPS after the Infernal, then Ashe's damage has relatively increased by 7.3%. **The relative benefit is linear with each drake.** If the first drake gives 4% more damage, the second will give 8% total more damage, and the third will give 12%. ##[Graphic of the Worst to Best Users of Infernal Drake]( Champion | Relative Damage Bonus **Gragas:** 1% **Darius:** 2.5%, down to 1.5% **Lux: ** 1% - 3.1% **Jax: ** 2.6% - 3.6% **Fizz: ** 2.4% - 3.8% **Ryze: ** 4% (Level 18)~ **Veigar:** 3.5% - 4.3% **Kha'zix:** 2.1% - 5.4% **Fiora:** 4.4% - 6.3% **Vayne:** 5.4% - 6% **Ashe:** 7.3% **Lucian:** 6.6% - 7.5% **Draven:** 8% **Jhin:** 12% ~*Ryze's calculator would have been complex, and so I instead opted to estimate from an assistant's video of Ryze at Level 18. The amount may be less at lower levels, likely similar to Veigar.* *** #Discussion AP Champions get the short end of the Infernal stick. The absolute highest AP monstrosity around, **Veigar, can't even compete against an AD Caster in relative benefit**. AP Assassins get less than AD Assassins, and AP Bruisers get less than AD Bruisers. Note though that getting less from Infernal may not necessarily be unfair; there's an argument that AP champions burst benefits more from relative increases more than DPS, and that the poking pattern of APs makes up for it. I leave that as an exercise to the reader. Standard AP Casters like Lux and Orianna get an especially weak benefit, far less than might be expected. Even at maximum build, **Standard AP Casters get only a 3% damage bonus.** **Bruisers actually become worse with Infernal as the game goes on**, since they tend to build tanky after an initial damage item. Even then, the benefit they get is extremely small. Even one of the weakest-AD-scaling ADCs (Vayne) gets a larger benefit than one of the highest AD scaling casters (Kha'zix). The bonus damage ADCs receive from critical chance, combined with their autoattack-reliant fighting pattern (which itself is a 1.0 AD scaling) means that **ADCs always get the largest benefit from Infernal.** Kog'maw is likely the only exception, due to the next point: **The benefits given to hybrid damage champions, like Jax and some versions of Teemo, are vastly overstated**. After getting lackluster results from Jax's full build, I even forced a Guinsoos as their last item and it still wasn't enough to get a huge benefit from Infernal. However, note that very few true hybrids exist anymore; Kayle and Teemo generally build raw AP instead, and while champions like Kog'maw and Corki deal hybrid damage, they don't tend to *build hybrid* per se (mix of AP and AD). Speaking of benefits, **the relative damage bonus of the Infernal Drake does not always get better as the game goes on.** Draven will always get 8% extra DPS from the Infernal, whether taken at Level 8 with two items or at Level 18 with all six items. Same with Ashe, Gragas, Jhin, and Lucian. Check the data below if curious how it changes with the levels and items! Though not shown in the table above, take my word for it: **the amount of armor / MR of the target is irrelevant to the bonus given by the drake.** Even with items like Lord Dominiks and Cleaver, the relative bonus was very close to identical (at worst, being about 0.3% of a difference). *** # The Champion Data ## Jhin The monster outlier incarnate, Jhin's passive, in conjunction with Infernal, provides absolutely insane amounts of relative damage from the Infernal Drake, more than the Infernal Drake's percentage even gives! The process to find the Infernal benefit was not easy, but [you can read all about -x^2 / 22500 + (7x / 90) + (56/9) over here]( One more thing to note about Jhin: it was mentioned that the Infernal benefit scales linearly per drake (First is 5%, Second is 10%, Third is 15%). Jhin doesn't play by these rules; **Jhin actually get more than three times the benefit with three drakes. (up to 37.3% more DPS)** Note though that the %missing HP damage on the fourth shot could not be accounted for in these calculations; it would put Jhin's true percentages a little lower, but not by much. | All magic damage and %missing HP effects are excluded fom these calculations. Burst is one single-person Dancing Grenade and a Deadly Flourish The lower end of the DPS is the DPS over the first three shots, while **the higher end is the DPS over all four shots.** Total Damage is the total damage from all four shots. **Total DPS is the DPS over all four shots in addition to the reload time of 2.5 seconds.** The numbers in parenthesis are with Ghostblade active. | **~Level 8 Dorans, Ghostblade, Boots of Swiftness~** Type | Damage **Pre-Drake Burst:** 319 (332) **Pre-Drake DPS:** 108 – 122 (118 – 133) **Pre-Drake Four Total:** 665 over 2.93 Seconds (723) **Pre-Drake Final DPS:** 84 (91) **Post-Drake Burst:** 336 (350) **Post-Drake DPS:** 121 – 137 (132 – 149) **Post-Drake Four Total:** 745 over 5.45 Seconds (811) **Post-Drake Final DPS:** 94 (102) *Burst Percentage Change: 5.3%* *DPS Percentage Change: 12%* | **~Level 14 Duskblade, Rapid Firecannon~** Type | Damage **Pre-Drake Burst:** 441 (457) **Pre-Drake DPS:** 228 – 256 (243 – 273) **Pre-Drake Four Total:** 1203 over 4.7 Seconds (1284) **Pre-Drake Final DPS:** 167 (178) **Post-Drake Burst:** 469 (486) **Post-Drake DPS:** 255 – 287 (272 – 306) **Post-Drake Four Total:** 1346 over 4.7 Seconds (1435) **Post-Drake Final DPS:** 187 (199) *Burst Percentage Change: 6.3%* *DPS Percentage Change: 11.7%* | **~Level 18 Infinity Edge, Lord Dominik’s Regards~** Type | Damage **Pre-Drake Burst:** 593 (615) **Pre-Drake DPS:** 541 – 660 (571 – 696) **Pre-Drake Four Total:** 2797 over 4.24 Seconds (2950) **Pre-Drake Final DPS:** 415 (438) **Post-Drake Burst:** 641 (665) **Post-Drake DPS:** 606 – 738 (639 – 779) **Post-Drake Four Total:** 3130 over 4.24 Seconds (3302) **Post-Drake Final DPS:** 464 (490) *Burst Percentage Change: 8.1%* *DPS Percentage Change: 11.8%* | Triple-Drake | Damage **Total AD:** 961 **Triple Post-Drake Burst:** 742 (773) **Triple Post-Drake DPS:** 744 – 907 (785 – 957) **Triple Post-Drake Four Total:** 3843 over 4.24 Seconds (4055) **Triple Post-Drake Final DPS:** 570 (602) *Burst Percentage Change: 25%* *DPS Percentage Change: 37.3%* *** ##Draven I always had high hopes for Draven in this analysis and they did not disappoint. Even with only half the axes being caught, they get some insane benefits from Infernal, even early on. | Burst is one Stand Aside and Half of Whirling Death DPS assumes half of the axes are being caught. Higher DPS has Youmuu’s activated. | **~Level 8 Dorans, Ghostblade, Zerks~** Type | Damage **Pre-Drake Burst:**314 **Pre-Drake DPS:** 230 - 277 **Post-Drake Burst:** 322 **Post-Drake DPS:** 248 - 300 *Burst Percentage Change: 2.5%* *DPS Percentage Change: 7.8% - 8.3%* | **~Level 14 Mercurial, Phantom Dancer~** Type | Damage **Pre-Drake Burst:** 356 **Pre-Drake DPS:** 426 - 489 **Post-Drake Burst:** 367 **Post-Drake DPS:** 460 - 528 *Burst Percentage Change: 3.0%* *DPS Percentage Change: 7.9%* | **~Level 18 Infinity Edge, Lord Dominiks~** Type | Damage **Pre-Drake Burst:** 567 **Pre-Drake DPS:** 835 - 953 **Post-Drake Burst:** 585 **Post-Drake DPS:** 902 - 1029 *Burst Percentage Change: 3.2%* *DPS Percentage Change: 8.0%* *** ##Lucian Lucian is a very interesting case. As the Cleaver stacks add up and Fervor of Battle begins reaching maximum power, the relative benefit that Lucian gets from the Drake starts to decrease. Even with this reduction however, Lucian's DPS increase is functionally higher than nearly everyone else. | Ardent Censer’s Damage is excluded, but the spell is still cast. Burst is one Piercing Light, the full Culling, and four autos (three of which proc Lightslinger) DPS rotation is two Piercing Lights, Three Lightslinger procs, and autoattacks over the duration, all divided by the duration (Piercing Light CD + 1.5) Lower end of DPS is before Cleaver, higher end is after Cleaver and Fervor. Parenthesis on DPS is after Youmuus. | **Level 8 Dorans, Ghostblade, Zerks** Type | Damage **Pre-Drake Burst:** 1703 **Pre-Drake DPS:** 212 – 258 (244 – 301) **Post-Drake Burst:** 1800 **Post-Drake DPS:** 226 – 272 (261 – 318) *Burst Percentage Change: 5.6%* *DPS Percentage Change: 6.6% down to 5.4%* | **~Level 14 Cleaver, Phantom Dancer~** Type | Damage **Pre-Drake Burst:** 2161 - 2576 **Pre-Drake DPS:** 349 – 507 (390 – 570) **Post-Drake Burst:** 2284 - 2723 **Post-Drake DPS:** | 374 – 536 (418 – 604) *Burst Percentage Change: 5.6%* *DPS Percentage Change: 7.1% down to 5.7%* | **~Level 18 Infinity Edge, Bloodthirster~** Type | Damage **Pre-Drake Burst:** 2745 - 3486 **Pre-Drake DPS:** 504 – 723 (564 – 813) **Post-Drake Burst:** 2928 - 3705 **Post-Drake DPS:** 542 – 771 (607 – 868) *Burst Percentage Change: 6.3%* *DPS Percentage Change: 7.5% down to 6.6%* *** ##Ashe Because Ashe is a utility ADC, I fully expected their damage to have difficulty competing with the others. However, the unique way that crit chance functions on Ashe's passive does a significant job at keeping their Infernal bonus competitive with the other ADCs | Burst is Ult into Volley into two Flurried Autos Low end of the DPS is without Ranger’s Focus, while the high end is with it, with both ends having Volley divided by its cooldown. | **~Level 8 Dorans, Essence Reaver, Zerks~** Type | Damage **Pre-Drake Burst:** 584 **Pre-Drake DPS:** 188 - 237 **Post-Drake Burst:** 614 **Post-Drake DPS:** 202 - 254 Burst Percentage Change: 5.1% DPS Percentage Change: 7.3% | **~Level 14 Dorans, Runaans, Infinity Edge~** Type | Damage **Pre-Drake Burst:** 1028 **Pre-Drake DPS:** 487 – 637 **Post-Drake Burst:** 1156 **Post-Drake DPS:** 523 - 685 *Burst Percentage Change: 5.6%* *DPS Percentage Change: 7.4%* | **~Level 18 Lord Dominiks, Bloodthirster~** Type | Damage **Pre-Drake Burst:** 1443 **Pre-Drake DPS:** 733 – 964 **Post-Drake Burst:** 1530 **Post-Drake DPS:** 789 - 1038 *Burst Percentage Change: 5.7%* *DPS Percentage Change: 7.5%* *** ##Vayne Vayne has some pretty lame AD ratios on the rest of their kit, considering how Condemn can't be spammed, really only leaving Tumble. Despite this, Vayne manages to outclass every champion that's not an ADC. Note though that the BotRK %Missing HP passive could not be accounted for in these calculations; it would put Vayne's true percentages a little lower, but not by much. | %missing HP from BotRK is not counted. The burst still is. Burst is Ult active with one Tumble, a successful wall pin, and three autos (with a Silver Bolts proc) DPS is autoattacks multiplied by attack speed, Silver Bolt damage divided by three then multiplied by attack speed, and Tumble damage divided by its cooldown. | **~Level 8 Dorans, Blade of the Ruined King, Zerks~** Type | Damage **Pre-Drake Burst:** 660 **Pre-Drake DPS:** | 219 **Post-Drake Burst:** 687 **Post-Drake DPS:** 231 *Burst Percentage Change: 4%* *DPS Percentage Change: 5.4%* | **~Level 14 Phantom Dancer, Infinity Edge~** Type | Damage **Pre-Drake Burst:** 1167 **Pre-Drake DPS:** | 599 **Post-Drake Burst:** 1227 **Post-Drake DPS:** 635 *Burst Percentage Change: 5.1%* *DPS Percentage Change: 6%* | **~Level 18 Mercurial, Lord Dominiks~** Type | Damage **Pre-Drake Burst:** 1833 **Pre-Drake DPS**: | 973 **Post-Drake Burst:** 1924 **Post-Drake DPS:** 1031 *Burst Percentage Change: 5%* *DPS Percentage Change: 5.9%* *** ##Fiora With the absolute bonkers true damage from Fiora's passive, I was looking forward to seeing an AD Caster who could possibly trump the ADCs in relative bonus from the Infernal. Sadly, even the Grand Duelist was unable to overcome it, though "2nd place" is a nice perk. | Small Burst is one Lunge into a Passive Proc, followed by two autos, one with enhanced damage from Bladework, and Hydra Active. Ult Burst is all four ult passives being procd by one Lunge and three autos, one with enhanced Bladework damage, and Hydra active. After Level 9, there are two lunges instead of one. The higher burst range is after the target has been affected by all Cleaver stacks, if applicable. | **~Level 8 Ravenous Hydra, Mercury Treads~** Type | Damage **Pre-Drake Small Burst:** | 686 **Pre-Drake Ult Burst:** | 1070 **Post-Drake Small Burst:** | 716 **Post-Drake Ult Burst:** | 1120 *Small Burst Percentage Change: 4.4%* *Ult Burst Percentage Change: 4.7%* | **~Level 14 Cleaver, Bloodthirster~** Type | Damage **Pre-Drake Small Burst:** | 983 - 1125 **Pre-Drake Ult Burst:** | 1938 - 2138 **Post-Drake Small Burst:** | 1038 - 1187 **Post-Drake Ult Burst:** | 2051 - 2262 *Small Burst Percentage Change:* 5.5% *Ult Burst Percentage Change:* 5.8% | **~Level 18 Randuins, Death’s Dance~** Type | Damage **Pre-Drake Small Burst:** | 1081 - 1251 **Pre-Drake Ult Burst:** | 2610 - 2850 **Post-Drake Small Burst:** | 1147 - 1327 **Post-Drake Ult Burst:** | 2778 - 3032 *Small Burst Percentage Change:* 6.1% *Ult Burst Percentage Change:* 6.3% *** ##Kha'zix Kha'zix is the counterpart of Veigar when it comes to raw, bristling AD might, though even their claws can't match up to the ADCs. The amount of raw damage granted by one Infernal can be pretty impressive though (180!) | Both Burst and DPS assume an isolated target. By Level 8, Claws are evolved. Burst is One Leap and Void Spikes, and two Taste Their Fears, Passives, and Autos. Hydra, if applicable. DPS Rotation is over 2.5 seconds. One Taste Their Fear, and Two Autos, but no passive applications. Higher end of the DPS assumes Void Assault is ready, adding one passive application per damage rotation. The Duskblade passive %Missing HP damage is not counted. | **~Level 8 Warrior, Lucidity~** Type | Damage **Pre-Drake Burst:** 1772 **Pre-Drake DPS:** 290 - 335 **Post-Drake Burst:** 1810 **Post-Drake DPS:** 299 - 343 *Burst Percentage Change: 2.1%* *DPS Percentage Change: 3.1% down to 2.4%* | **~Level 14 Ghostblade, Duskblade~** Type | Damage **Pre-Drake Burst:** 2003 **Pre-Drake DPS:** 372 - 407 **Post-Drake Burst:** 2090 **Post-Drake DPS:** 391 - 426 *Burst Percentage Change: 4.3%* *DPS Percentage Change: 5.1% down to 4.6%* | **~Level 18 Ravenous Hydra, Lord Dominiks~** Type | Damage **Pre-Drake Burst:** 2693 **Pre-Drake DPS**: | 473 - 509 **Post-Drake Burst:** 2841 **Post-Drake DPS**: | 501 - 537 *Burst Percentage Change: 5.4%* *DPS Percentage Change: 5.9% down to 5.5%* *** ##Veigar I had such high hopes for Veigar. It's not like they even lacking in AP; at level 18, they have a whopping 1078 AP! With Infernal, that goes all the way up to 1143! ...that's still only a 4.3% damage increase. I mean, don't get me wrong, it's a nice chunk of damage, **but 160 extra burst feels kind of lame considering the initial burst already is doing 3750 damage.** | Burst is one of each spell, with a full power ult; the relative bonus from the Infernal was the same regardless of the ult's power. And before some smart aleck asks: the passive stacks are counted. They're right next to the item names. | **~Level 8 Dorans, Morello, Sorcs, 50 Stacks~** Type | Damage **Pre-Drake Burst:** 1256 **Post Drake Burst:** 1300 *Percentage Change: 3.5%* | **~Level 14 Void Staff, Rabadons, 150 Stacks~** Type | Damage **Pre-Drake Burst:** 2932 **Post Drake Burst:** 3045 *Percentage Change: 3.8%* | **~Level 18 Zhonyas, Ludens, 300 Stacks~** Type | Damage **Pre-Drake Burst:** 3749 (1079 AP) **Post Drake Burst:** 3913 (1143 AP) *Percentage Change: 4.3%* *** ##Ryze As mentioned earlier, I was pretty tired of making calculators, and Ryze would have been a fairly complicated one to make. Instead, a gracious viewer of mine, [jetio4, made a video showcasing Ryze's bonus Infernal damage at level 18.]( *4% Increase at Level 18, Full Build* Note that this means Ryze probably has less increases at lower levels. Frankly though, it likely just follows a similar pattern as Veigar, going from 3% to 4%. *** ##Fizz Fizz is fairly popular and seemed like a perfect candidate for the quintessential AP Assassin. The only caveat is that their %Missing HP damage could not be accounted for, but the picture painted by these numbers is fairly accurate even when I brute forced some experimental amounts. | %Missing HP is ignored. Burst is one of each spell and one Lichbane proc. DPS is Urchin Strike and Playful divided by their cooldowns, with the DoT of Seastone trident, with enhanced Trident autos multiplied by attack speed, and Lich Bane procs assumed every three seconds. The higher end of the DPS assumes the Ult was just applied for the higher magic damage. | **~Level 8 Doran, Abyssal Scepter, Sorcerer Shoes~** Type | Damage **Pre-Drake Burst:** 1079 **Pre-Drake DPS:** 100 - 119 **Post-Drake Burst:** 1105 **Post-Drake DPS:** 104 - 123 *Burst Percentage Change: 2.4%* *DPS Percentage Change: 4% down to 3.3%* | **~Level 14 Lich Bane, Zhonyas~** Type | Damage **Pre-Drake Burst:** 1825 **Pre-Drake DPS:** 258 - 308 **Post-Drake Burst:** 1892 **Post-Drake DPS:** 270 - 323 *Burst Percentage Change: 3.6%* *DPS Percentage Change: 4.7%* | **~Level 18 Doran, Abyssal Scepter, Sorcerer Shoes~** Type | Damage **Pre-Drake Burst:** 3061 **Pre-Drake DPS:** 525 - 628 **Post-Drake Burst:** 3179 **Post-Drake DPS:** 549 - 657 *Burst Percentage Change: 3.8%* *DPS Percentage Change: 4.6%* *** ##Lux I feel Lux is perhaps the most interesting part of this list. If I had to guess before, I would have never expected that the benefit they get (and by extension, most other Standard AP Mids) would be so little. Not only that, but it's not even constant; it's a measly 1% at Level 8 and takes a long time to ramp up higher. Additionally, increasing the number of passive procs does nothing to increase the relative dragon damage, so I know it's not just a matter of lacking some super great burst combo. What a strange result. | Burst is one of each spell, two passive procs. | **~Level 8 Dorans, Morello, Sorcs~** Type | Damage **Pre-Drake Burst:** 1084 **Post-Drake Burst:** 1109 *Percentage Change: 0.93%* | **~Level 14 Void Staff, Rabadons~** Type | Damage **Pre-Drake Burst:** 2166 **Post-Drake Burst:** 2226 *Percentage Change: 2.7%* | **~Level 18 Zhonyas, Ludens~** Type | Damage **Pre-Drake Burst:** 2487 **Post-Drake Burst:** 2565 *Percentage Change: 3.1%* *** ##Jax From the beginning, I knew I wanted a hybrid damage champion to test the Drake's power on. Unfortunately, the traditional hybrid champions pretty much all just build raw AP (Teemo, Kayle, Akali). Jax is the last remaining true hybrid. The theory is that having both AP and AD allows for double dipping into the stats for an even larger bonus. In reality, the scalings for both are underwhelming to account for this, and so Jax is barely floating above the Standard AP Mages in terms of relative damage. I even tossed a Guinsoos to really force the hybrid nature (Jax doesn't even build Guinsoos anymore!) but it still wasn't enough. Still, Jax does better than the AP champions, though that's likely more attributable to the AD rather than a result of double dipping as a hybrid. | Burst is one of each spell, three autos, and two triforce apps (if applicable) DPS rotation is Leap Strike and Empowered divided by cooldowns, Triforce divided by Empower’s cooldown, and passive damage from Grandmaster’s Might multiplied by AS but divided by 3. DPS refers to the initial combat. High DPS is after Fervor of Battle, Relentless Assault, and Guinsoos kick in, if applicable. | **~Level 8 Triforce, Mercury Treads~** Type | Damage **Pre-Drake Burst:** 866 **Pre-Drake DPS**: | 206 - 360 **Post-Drake Burst:** 890 **Post-Drake DPS**: | 214 - 370 *Burst Percentage Change: 3.4%* *DPS Percentage Change: 3.8%* | **~Level 14 Gunblade, Steraks~** Type | Damage **Pre-Drake Burst:** 1301 **Pre-Drake DPS:** 336 - 508 **Post-Drake Burst:** 1340 **Post-Drake DPS:** 349 - 526 *Burst Percentage Change: 3.0%* *DPS Percentage Change: 3.6%* | **~Level 18 Randuins, Guardian Angel~** Type | Damage **Pre-Drake Burst:** 1085 **Pre-Drake DPS**: | 287 - 431 **Post-Drake Burst:** 1114 **Post-Drake DPS:** 298 - 446 *Burst Percentage Change: 2.6%* *DPS Percentage Change: 3.6%* | **~Level 18 Randuins, Guinsoos!~** Type | Damage **Pre-Drake Burst:** 1197 **Pre-Drake DPS:** 323 - 630 **Post-Drake Burst:** 1235 **Post-Drake DPS:** 337 - 655 *High DPS Percentage Change: 4.0%* *** ##Darius We've finally reached the bruisers. I chose Darius since they seemed to be a bit on the AD heavier side of the bruiser builds with nicer scalings. The innate armor pen is pretty good too! Sadly, even with all these advantages, Darius actually loses more relative damage from the Infernal as the game goes on, in direct contrast with the others. | Burst is one of each spell, one second of five passive stacks, and a fully powered ultimate DPS rotation is Decimate and Crippling Strike damage divided by cooldowns, five passive stacks per second, and autoattacks multiplied by attack speed. In either case, passive pen of Apprehend is considered (and is maxed second). | **~Level 8 Cleaver, Mercury Treads~** Type | Damage **Pre-Drake Burst:** 788 - 830 **Pre-Drake DPS:** 193 - 210 **Pre-Drake Burst:** 810 - 853 **Pre-Drake DPS:** 198 - 215 *Percentage Change: 2.5%* | **~Level 14 Deadmans, Spirit Visage~** Type | Damage **Pre-Drake Burst:** 1017 - 1094 **Pre-Drake DPS:** 222 - 255 **Pre-Drake Burst:** 1037 - 1115 **Pre-Drake DPS:** 226 - 260 *Percentage Change: 2%* | **~Level 18 Randuins, Steraks~** Type | Damage **Pre-Drake Burst:** 1127 – 1221 **Pre-Drake DPS:** 193 - 235 **Pre-Drake Burst:** 1143 - 1239 **Pre-Drake DPS:** 196 - 239 *Percentage Change: 1.5%* *** ##Gragas Gragas sits in last place, fulfilling the observations noted (AP pretty much always gets worse benefits than AD, and bruisers do worse than everyone else). Part of the trouble that Gragas has is the physical damage from Iceborne and Deadmans doesn't scale with the Infernal, making it difficult to truly gather dank drake dabs. | Full Power Barrel Burst. Accounts for Deadmans. DPS rotation is 7 seconds, One 50% Barrel, Two Drunken Rage, One Body Slam, and Runic Echoes | **~Level 8 Runic, Lucidity~** Type | Damage **Pre-Drake Burst:** 943 **Pre-Drake DPS:** 140 **Pre-Drake Burst:** 946 **Pre-Drake DPS:** 141 *Percentage Change: Not even 1%* | **~Level 14 Iceborne, Spirit Visage~** Type | Damage **Pre-Drake Burst:** 1142 **Pre-Drake DPS:** 172 **Pre-Drake Burst:** 1153 **Pre-Drake DPS:** 174 *Percentage Change: Barely 1%* | **~Level 18 Zhonyas, Ludens~** Type | Damage **Pre-Drake Burst:** 996 **Pre-Drake DPS:** 147 **Pre-Drake Burst:** 1006 **Pre-Drake DPS:** 148 *Percentage Change: 1.01%* *** #Methodology [All calculations were done using my calculator.]( This calculator was created for my personal use, so I apologize for the unintuitive aspects of it. First, a caveat: the Armor / MR of the target does not change the Infernal bonus, since it is a constant. Even in cases with Lord Dominiks or Cleaver, the relative bonus from the Infernal was approximately the same regardless of the target's armor. That being said, for the sake of authenticity, I've adjusted the MR, Armor, and Maximum Health of the target being attacked. * Level 8 - 40 MR, 40 Armor, 1400 Health * Level 14 - 70 MR, 100 Armor, 2000 Health * Level 18 - 100 MR, 200 Armor, 3000 Health The builds and ability orders were chosen based on the most popular builds on The only exceptions are the ones noted, such as Darius maximizing Apprehend second, Jax building Guinsoos, Fiora having Death's Dance as a sixth item, etc. No %Missing HP could be accounted for. The calculator is not a simulator; I would not be able to reliably tell how much life a target has after each autoattack, and frankly most combat situations are going to involve a target being damaged by other sources at the same time. If you enjoy methodology, [you may enjoy my tale of madness while trying to understand Jhin's relation with Infernal.]( *** #Thanks for Reading!
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