Mordekaiser is an unhealthy champion to the game and should be nerfed just like Irelia got nerfed

Okay, before we begin, no, I'm not complaining about the Irelia nerfs, I'm just bringing it up as an example. Now that we've gotten that out of the way, we can go to why Riot has to nerf Mordekaiser, and not just a slight nerf to his passive, I mean ones that change up his playstyle. 1.) Mordekaiser's health growth is far too high, and his armor growth too is far too high to make him somewhat reasonable to play against. So he starts off with 37 armor, which is higher than {{champion:14}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:36}} , and {{champion:164}}. 1.5) Now most, if not all, of these champions have higher base armor than Mordekaiser at level 18, but games are not dragged out to level 18 unless it's a really close match. 2.) Mordekaiser's base stats on his abilites are way too high, and his kit is overloaded, with ap ratios, on-hit bonus damage, percent health damage, a shield, healing, magic pen from his e, and basically taking 10% of all your stats when he ults you. Now if you think about it, no champion should be able to have that many stats, just from his abilities, that's just too unfair to play and lane against, especially with top lane's current state, where a few champions just dominate every pick, but guess what, Mordekaiser still wins those matchups without the need of most of his brain cells. 3.) Now for his winrate in the last three patches. This is from His winrate in 9.14, after being nerfed on this patch is 50.84% with a pick rate of 8.1%, and a ban rate of 42.0% His winrate in 9.15 is 50.67%, with a pick rate of 7.3, and a ban rate of 29.0% His winrate in 9.16 is 51.28%, with a pick rate of 7.0%, and a ban rate of 18.7% Now these stats are brought to you by blitz His winrate in 9.14, after being nerfed on this patch is 51.3% with a pick rate of 6.21% and a ban rate of 38.7% His winrate in 9.15 is 50.7% with a pick rate of 6.76%, and a ban rate of 27.8% His winrate in 9.16 is 51.5% with a pick rate of 6.81%, and a ban rate of 17.0% 4.) As you can see, Mordekaiser has had a steady increase in his winrate, as the play rate got higher and the ban rate got lower. If you look at it from an analytic standpoint these show you that the champion is strong, but his ban rate has been keeping him down, and while more and more people pick up on him, the more his winrate will get higher, and his most difficult matchups involve ranged champs, {{champion:27}}, {{champion:133}}, {{champion:107}}, {{champion:114}}, {{champion:24}}, and {{champion:50}} So the current top laners, based on pick rate, such as {{champion:266}}, {{champion:122}}, {{champion:114}}, {{champion:80}}, and {{champion:58}} would all get demolished by the one big baddy of toplane, and no it's not {{champion:240}}, it's {{champion:82}}. This is the end of the thread, and I'm new to making threads so any advice would help me make better ones in the future. Leave your opinions down below and let me know what you think about Mordekaiser References :

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