Meddler: You want to nerf Morgana? Here's How.

Saw the W notes on PBE. No. Just No. I understand you think she has too much agency after your buffs. This is not the right fix. if anything, W needs a buff in damage, not reduction, to maintain mage status, compared to the rest of the meta. Here's how you bring her down: _**1) Revert the Season 7 end buff to her Binding (Q) Cooldown by 2 seconds. **_ If it's less spammable, she's less reliable, and less frequent at getting someone stuck on her pool. It also reduces the frequency of her W cooldown reduction. _**2) Reduce Black Shield's Magic damage absorbed per tier by 10 to 60 (60/120/180/240/300)**_ BUT: Raise W to 18% AP Scaling.

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