Soloqueue vs Proplay

It's well past time to address this issue in a much more serious and proactive manner. It has become very VERY obvious over the years that Riot simply cannot balance the game in a way that satisfies both Soloqueue AND Proplay so they have settled upon catering to the pros with a majority of their balancing choices in terms of champions, jungle, towers, Teleport, etc... Let's take Galio for example. A champion that was gutted due to having insanely powerful tools in a highly coordinated/highly skilled environment. His soloqueue existence was minor after repeated nerfs/changes to his kit due to proplay. They changed him from a tank into more of a burst mage with extremely high base damage/high scaling Q and E. Then they changed his W to have a damage and scaling attached to it. They removed the resistances he gave to allies targeted by his R and removed his ability to channel W then flash taunt. All of these things were extremely powerful with 5 people on comms that practice together EVERY DAY while also having the highest levels of mirco/macro skill. Galio truly has not been broken in Soloqueue probably since they first tried to make him more of a mage after he dominated as a Tank right after his rework. Further examples of champions that have been gutted purely to cater to the Pro scene are Azir, Ryze, Akali, Rek'sai, etc.. and now you can add Aatrox to the list. Towers and their durability/usefulness have been another sore spot for soloqueue. A couple seasons of demanding more durability to towers and less snowbally laning phases led us to Turret Plates. Because you refused to just beef up towers outright for the sake of not making Pro games last longer than they do. So now we have Turret Plates which give 160g total a piece. God forbid you get solo killed in lane by a champion like Darius, Riven, Fiora, Irelia, Jax, Zed, etc who will absolutely pummel you off of any gold lead. Get killed= 300g followed by a turret plate or two and that's now 460-620g not including the minion waves they farm up while you are spawning. AKA you're pretty much screwed unless your Jungler then attaches themselves to you to drag you back into the game whilst sacrificing the other 2 lanes and neutral objectives. Teleporting to turrets should be buffed. Plain and simple. The fact that you have ass blasted Teleport to 360 seconds regardless of target strictly due to how powerful it is in coordinated play is bullshit and it amplifies snowballing even more. I remember when teleporting to a tower put the spell on a 180 second CD instead of the 300 seconds for teleporting to a ward or minion. At this point it's more beneficial to just buy into the snowball mentality and take Ignite/Ghost top to try and cheese your laner rather than taking Teleport which is on a much higher CD. Teleporting to tower should once again be given a shorter CD while everything else remains the 360 second CD if you are so unwilling to beef up turrets so that dying once or twice doesn't mean a loss of turret and 5 plates worth of gold on top of it. It's gotten to the point where I honestly believe that pros should play on a different server where they have their own balancing and soloqueue can be balanced to their needs. They differ so much due to how coordinated they are with comms and hours upon hours of practicing together. You clearly aren't capable of handling the specific needs of both realms due to the consistent gutting of champions, spells, towers, jungle, etc because of proplay presence and power. The idea that you're allowing a group of hundreds dictate the majority of balancing decisions for MILLIONS is absolutely absurd to me.
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