So... my winrate with Taliyah is actually 70%

I've played 17 games with her of which I've won 12, in ranked. I just wanted to bring this up because people keep telling me "GG mid, she does no dmg, we'll lose, it's a 4v5 now" and things like that. Now, I play low/mid gold so me carrying as her might not be a reliable proof that she isn't as trash as people say, but I honestly think Riot did a great job with her kit. People say she's easy to use, but in reality, her kit is so unforgiving that if you mess up once, you might completely lose the game. This stems from the fight-changing quality of her ult and W, and the cooldowns that come with them. If you mess up your E-W combo, it's over. If you ult the wrong place, It's over. But I feel like with practice, she can actually be strong. Therefore, I would like to see the Taliyah hate be stopped. Please?
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