Riven isnt just a problem in the NA servers

Riot is telling us that players in the NA are not good enough or matter enough to nerf something that is purposefully driving a ranked LP stonewall of riven mains to keep better people from climbing. They really only care about Koreans because they are better and yes they are, but to use that as an excuse to make a whole server a living nightmare to play in is just not justifiable. Its a cop out really. Don't beat around the bush Riot. Don't blame or use a portion of your player-base as an excuse for your incompetence to make the game fun anymore or nerf something that will make a server more bearable. Currently Riven is the best top laner for anything above diamond elo play. When I mean by the best it is either play her or ban her or play kennen which is her only counter rn or she just bans kennen and you are royal screwed. This is also bruiser meta which I think is worse for the game than tank meta.
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