Dear Bronze players: KDA doesn't equal skill

This isn't the salt-infested banterings of a Platinum player mad at Riot for getting placed at Bronze 4 because they went 1-9 in their placements. No, I'm a Bronze player too. I've even been in the depths of Bronze. Bronze 5. And I'm not gonna say that I didn't deserve it. I was really bad at the beginning of this season, but I've gotten so much better over the course of this season. I escaped. I'm in Bronze 1 right now, hoping to get Silver by the end of the season. But that's not what this discussion is about. No, this is about a Bronze player and their only way to prove that they didn't deserve to get placed in Bronze 5 by clinging on to their KDA. Now, I enjoy playing {{champion:27}} . I Love everything about his kit. I love running around like an idiot, gassing everybody on the enemy team like they're Je- people that have gotten locked in a car when somebody farted. And whenever I play proxy {{champion:27}} , I tend to feed. Why? It's not because I'm a bad player (proportionally, anyways. I'm a good Bronzie but a terrible Diamond-y). It's because any time I proxy, somebody goes to stop me. The Top Laner will sacrifice waves of minions to get one feeble kill, and the Jungler will lose an entire level over our Jungler to get sweet sweet 50 gold, and a beautiful assist to start the game with. Well, KDA isn't everything. You could be 15/4, and not be carrying. I've played games where I went something like 0/4 on {{champion:75}} because I carried via scaling into the late game, splitpushing, shotcalling, and moral support for my team. And you can't just carry with KDA. You might be a {{champion:133}} Mid main, where as soon as you get level 6 you never stay in lane. You're miles ahead of your laner, a pitiful {{champion:45}} who stays in lane farming as you gank other lanes, getting kill after kill after- He just one shot you. The 0/1/1 {{champion:45}} just one shot you! But his KDA... If you never farm, you aren't getting as much gold as somebody who perfectly last hits every minion. You might be camping Bot lane, where their {{champion:202}} /{{champion:44}} is continually dying. But, let's say that one ranged minion is 17 gold, and one melee minion is 22 gold. That's 117 gold you're missing out on every 30 seconds (maybe 100 or less gold if you aren't a perfect farmer-lets be honest, who is). That's about more than a kill every 1 minute and 30 seconds. And farming isn't everything. Knowing when to get the right tower, or dragon, or baron is key. A kill might be nice to get, but a dragon is permanent. But what about that wave that's bot lane? I mean my team's just taking the dragon, and it's worth like 500 gold... I could get my item... Waves are temporary. Permanent things>Temporary things. AKA... Dragon, Turret, even Baron (even though it isn't permanent, the gold it gives is, and the raw pushing power is great>A kill Having good shotcalling can make you be the carry of the team, even if you're just an 0/5/7 {{champion:40}}. Anyways, back to {{champion:27}} . If you see a {{champion:27}} start to proxy you, welcome it with open arms! You get free cs under tower. However, don't welcome it with _too_ open arms, because the minions will take your tower (duh). But if you see an 0/7 {{champion:27}} start poking around behind your tower, don't use all your summs to kill him. There's a pretty good thing I found where it explains the gold per death mechanic > 1st death: 300 gold 2nd death: 275 gold 3rd death: 220 gold 4th death: 176 gold 5th death: 141 gold 6th death: 112 gold 7th death: 90 gold 8th death: 72 gold 9th death: 58 gold Every 1000 gold earned from minions / monsters reduces the death spree by 1 death Every assist reduces the death spree by 1 So you're using both your summs to get 90 gold. It's like flashing for 4 minions. Not that worth it, right? So don't use everything to kill somebody that's feeding, just to pad your KDA. Because KDA isn't everything. Like the title says, KDA doesn't equal skill. Because Faker lost lane to xPeke's {{champion:86}} Mid, and Faker is still considered one of, if not the best, player in the world. inb4 downvotes because of me calling out Bronzies in particular, I'm sure that more than just Bronzies are guilty of this. But, if you go and watch a singed420 video, or a SirchEZ video, you'll see that they pretty much can free farm behind the tower. EDIT: Yes, I realize that more than just Bronzies care about KDA. However, it's mainly focused in Bronze, because the people stuck in it are probably the people that care about KDA and nothing else.
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