New ranked changes are absolutely awful

And they do the exact opposite of what’s stated in the post. A big reason for the change was to incentivize players who play many different role. Well the ENTIRE system punished for doing so. Now why is that? Well I as a player play 3-4 roles quite often, I’ll have short spurts of adc, top, mid, etc. (and I’m plat). Now let’s say I go on a big win rate with Adc, I’m just steam rolling my games and climb. And I get to Gold II or something in the adc role. Okay now I want to play top? Well shit I’m bronze now and have to do the WHOLE CLIMB again. And then in the middle of those top games I get auto filled to jg. Well now that jungle game means absolutely nothing. Because I’m not bronze *again* in that role because I’d never played jngle before yet that season. You see why? Every time you switch roles you have to make the drudgin climb again and again and again. It’s even worse for one trick players becus they have ZERO incentive to win any game that’s not their main role because who cares about that rank? Why on earth should I try when I don’t get my main role if That game has no impact on? Well now you say “Well they could add some impact if lose in that role your mmr goes down in the other a bit blah lab blah” Well then that entire defeats the purpose of role ranks... All you’re doing with this new system is adding 5x the grind because for every game you play that’s not just ONE main role. Is a brand new climb. I could switch roles every game and I would never, ever get anywhere because each of those was a different climb. Absolutely awful system, if they’re going to add something like this it should be separate from your one main rank. And used more as a leverage for slightly more fair matchs. But your overall rank is still just determined on win/losses for ALL games you play.

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