Mordekaiser feels almost the same to me

Not mechanics wise, that's very different and I like him he's fun. What I mean is that Old Mordekaiser pretty much dominated immobile melee champs and some immobile ranged ones that aren't able to kite that well like MF or Kog'maw. While being dominated by people with a crap ton of mobility because he couldn't catch up with them. This morde feels the exact same. You're still prone to being set so far behind you turn into a minion because once your flash is down ganks are pretty much instant death. He still is obnoxious to lane against because of how much he can heal and being resourcless He still dominates in 1v1s and gets his ass kicked when its vs a mobile champ like zed or vayne who can just run away from him while still hitting him for a lot of damage. As broken as everyone says he is I feel like he is in the same but slightly stronger spot that Old Mordekaiser was. He's still drenched in counterplay/counterbuild options. If anything gets touched it's probably gonna be his passive but that's only really good when someone is dumb enough to stay on top of you or when you get rylais to stick. Which it still doesn't do jack to someone like zed who can just W away.
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