Fiddlesticks point-and-click fear is good and deserves to stay, here's why:

With the upcoming change coming to Fiddlesticks, I've heard a lot of complaints in regards to Riot keeping his point-and-click fear. Dont get me wrong, it absolutely sucks to walk near a bush, get feared for what feels like an eternity then have the entire enemy team collapse on you like a bunch of rampaging apes. HOWEVER We also need put into perspective the other issue that's been plaguing League for a year or two now: **Mobility** The best counter we can have to extremely mobile champs like Lucian, Irelia, Riven, champions that feel like they are rolling their face on the keyboard and traveling across the map, is point-and-click crowd control like Pantheon's stun and Fiddlestick's fear. If we want to reduce the amount of viability mobility brings to the table in the meta, then we need to embrace the fact that point-and-click CC is genuinely the best, most reliable solution. Now, many will say "Well, just git gud with skillshots!" But the fact of the matter is that less reliable forms of crowd control are, quite obviously, easier to work around and just allows mobility-heavy champions to thrive since learning how to work around less reliable forms of CC isnt really all that difficult. Like I said before, if we want to help reduce the impact mobility has on the meta then we need to embrace abilities that are point-and-click CC. That being said, Riot, dont make them 6 seconds long or some crazy stuff like that. I know your wacky ideas. Dont do it. Dont. I got my eyes on you.
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