We are not the LCS

Paul Perscheid on Twitter
Changes to Baron and Elder Dragon buffs on PBE:
This post is in response to this tweet ^ We are not the LCS. Baron in solo queue is already a game changer. I've won and lost too many games to count from missed baron smites. We don't have perfect comps, we don't all have the same game strategy, we don't all have the same playstyle, etc. Games will be over even quicker than they already are, and the losing team won't feel like they really lost, or that they had any chance to execute strategy or make a comeback. You will kill all forms of strategy for the players who just want to kill a couple of hours after work and play a video game - which is what this is. A video game. Some of us don't care about watching BIG PLAYS in the LCS, or seeing Bjergsen press R on Malzahar. Are you willing to fuck over the players in response to the LCS? If so, I suggest you get your priorities straight.
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