DQ looks pretty broken to me why isn't it being fixed or replaced again?

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this game was a 5man almost full diamond team vs a bunch of solo and duo players. how the actual fuck is this not considered broken almost 300mmr difference between teams how can you expect this game to be even close to fair? Riot said that a 5stack shouldn't ever be able to find a match up vs soloq/douq players but here it is so DQ must be broken. even if you have to match a 5stack vs soloq players why the fuck are the soloq players almost 300mmr below them? they are all in call and have great synergy this was the most one sided game i have ever played riot didn't give us a chance. all 4 or 5 of them were botside every 2-3 mins. I haven't even hated on DQ that much until now because sure it got really bad sometimes but the match was usually within 100mmr and could be fairly won. This has changed my mind because for this game to be possible DQ must be a inherently broken system.
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