I'm out of the loop, did someone stomp with Poppy in pro play?

Her popularity hasn't gone up a significant amount, so that doesn't seem likely. I'd just like an explanation for nerfs on a champion who's been somewhere below 35th in top lane for the last five patches, and below 50% in winrate even with an almost mains-only play rate for double that time. Edit: I'm glad to see that for once I actually got Red responses, but the response "we've been wanting to do these changes for a while" isn't an explanation. It may have been, if these changes were implemented along with Poppy's original nerfs back when she was wrongfully blamed for Courage of the Colossus's overpowered nature. But as of now, when she has been weak for many months following the tank item nerfs, they weren't warranted. If anything, Poppy was in need of the playmaking buff to the snapcast on her R with no compensatory nerfs to other abilities. THEN it should have been decided whether or not she was too tanky/fast to have a low-aoe 0.75s knockup with the base damage of a single adc auto attack.
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