Cloud Dragon is not an all inclusive Dragon and should be changed to fit the all champions better

If you play Champions like Elise{{champion:60}}, Gnar{{champion:150}}, Jayce{{champion:126}}, Nidalee{{champion:76}}, Quinn,{{champion:133}}, Shyvanna{{champion:102}}, Udry{{champion:77}} you know what I'm talking about. Gnar{{champion:150}} and Shyvanna{{champion:102}} have no cooldowns on their ultimate and are only able to activate these abilities when they reach max fury. They benefit from the dragon soul but not the actual dragon buff. Elise{{champion:60}}, Jayce{{champion:126}}, and Nidalee{{champion:76}} have extremely short ultimate cooldowns and while the ult cooldown works on them it has next to 0 benefit to them and to top it off, just like old Nibus cloak, they can't even activate the Dragon Soul bonus. This dragon does not benefit their kits. Finally we have Quinn{{champion:133}} and Udyr{{champion:77}} who don't seem to benefit from either(correct me if I'm wrong) ------------------------------------------ I personally believe ULT CDR has no place in the game especially as a dragon acquired buff and that in game objectives should aim to be as all inclusive as they can. Multiple champions aren't able to benefit cloud and I believe that warrants a change and I have suggestions for that change that still partially maintain the original idea. Cloud Dragon will no longer grant ULT CDR but instead grant 10% regular CDR but unlike the ULT specific CDR this will not stack with other forms of ability CDR. You'll still be locked in at the 40% CDR cap(Unless you went into inspiration tree) What does this do? Well it allows players to itemize less for CDR and more for other stats they may want and not always get. This will allow more opportunities for item diversity and build flexibility. ------------------------------------------ Next we're going to attack the Dragon Soul with an old idea. Remember boot enchantments? How about the one called Furor? Well guess what Dragon Soul is going to be an updated version of that. It'll give passive movement speed plus a stacking amount of movespeed for each single target attack or spell you hit. You can adjust the movement speed amounts on the innate amount and the stacking amount but my idea was 5% passive movespeed plus 5%(stacking 5 times) per single target spell or attack. Lasts 3 seconds but refreshed on attacks What does this do? It allows you to get that juicy big movement speed boost but it's locked behind a stacking system so you can't just pop into a fight with 30% movespeed instantly like the current soul tried to do but if it's too strong there's an easy fix just like they did with ocean dragon. Edit: I should note that I don't mean for this to be an actual boot enchantment but rather a new effect in place of the current soul. ------------------------------------------ tl;dr: Cloud drake sucks for champions without real ults. Change it so it isn't reliant on ults and has wider impacts on player choices. Old Cloud dragon buff: ult CDR that stacks with regular CDR past the 40% CDR cap Old Cloud dragon Soul: massive movespeed after ulting(30 second CD) New Cloud dragon buff: Regular CDR that doesn't break the 40% cap but promotes other itemization choices New Cloud dragon Soul: return of the old furor boot enchantment but updated. gives small stacking movespeed boosts for single target spells and attacks
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